Most faculty members host weekly or biweekly research groups; attendance is voluntary, but strongly recommended. The groups discuss a wide range of research topics, from developmental psychopathology to feminist psychology and personality and clinical research, and foster close student-faculty relationships in psychology. You'll be encouraged to develop your own research interests, which may culminate in a senior honors thesis or an individual study with a professor.

Research groups and their faculty leaders:

Feminist Psychology Research Group: Professor Joan Chrisler

Environmental Psychology Research Group: Professor Ann Sloan Devlin

Neuroscience Research Group: Professor Ruth Grahn

Developmental Psychopathology Research Group: Professor Audrey Zakriski

Personality & Clinical Research Group: Professor Jefferson Singer

Social Psychology Research Group: Professor Jason Nier

You might use a research group for feedback as you develop a research proposal, or you might be invited to help with a faculty research project or collaborate with other students. Some group members members are engaged in a Master's or honors thesis research; others are conducting course-related research; and still others are research volunteers.

To learn more about each professor's research areas, do view their individual faculty profiles, accessible from the Psychology Department faculty page.

Visit the library psychology resources page.