• AT 201: Certificate Program Gateway Course (Topics on the History of Arts & Technology). All accepted students will be enrolled in this course the spring following their acceptance
  • COM 110: Introduction to Computer Science/Problem Solving
  • Four additional core courses to support research areas
    (suggested AT104, and arts/technology/humanities courses)
  • Junior year summer internship related to arts and technology (300 hours required) and completion of the Four Year Career Program requirements. 
  • AT 310 or AT 320: One semester, junior seminar (2 credit course)  
  • AT 491 and 492:  (4 credit independent studies)
       - Class of '20 and '21- one or two independent studies option available
       - Class of '19 - two independent studies required  
  • AT 401 and 402: Two semesters, senior seminar (2 credit course)
  • Completion of the senior integrative project, including final presentations
  • Maintain minimum 3.0 GPA