What is the certificate program?

The Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology is the place at Connecticut College that gathers students and faculty together who study and contribute to the symbiotic relationship between technology and the arts. Through interdisciplinary collaborations and individual work, students and faculty not only promote proficiency in working with technology, but also deepen the understanding of the meaning and role of technology within the larger context of the liberal arts. Student scholars in the Center explore issues in arts/humanities and technology through individual study, course work, workshops and symposia with visiting scholars and artists, internships, research assistantships, and a certificate program that incorporates an intensive research project.

The Ammerman Center is a place where you can make things happen!

  • Explore ways to build multi-disciplinary projects
  • Engage in creative dialogues with the arts/humanities/sciences and technology
  • Learn to think critically, acquire new technical skills, develop collaborative partnerships
  • Build innovative projects that have social impact

Learning Goals: 

Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of interdisciplinary areas of study within historical, social, and philosophical contexts

Apply critical terms and methodology from contemporary and classical studies across interdisciplinary fields of arts, technology, culture, and social responsibility

Develop technical skills and practices that enhance expression and communication

Create original work that integrates arts, culture, and technology

Communicate critically the process, creation, and context of works

Critique and synthesize creative works, especially those that integrate multiple mediums, tools, and approaches

Apply and uphold academic excellence and high community standards by practicing responsible citizenship

Utilize professional project management and planning skills