2022-2023 CCSRE Events

Please visit the College Calendar for final dates, times and locations of CCSRE events. Most events are open to the public, and most are free of charge.

A Film Screening & Discussion of Frontline's The Abortion Divide

Thursday, October 13TH, 4:30pm Blaustein 210

FRONTLINE goes inside the fight over abortion, told through the stories of women struggling with unplanned pregnancies. Drawing on a landmark FRONTLINE film from the 1980s, the documentary takes a look at both sides of the abortion divide in a community still embroiled in the conflict.

Discussion facilitated by Professors Harris & Rudolph, and CCSRE Interns: Edgar Alvarez & Quincey Robinson

A Film Screening & Discussion of The Racial Politics of Abortion: A Short Film by Dawn Porter

Friday October 21ST, 4:30pm Blaustein 210

In partnership with ESSENCE and TIME, acclaimed filmmaker Dawn Porter reports on the often-overlooked Black women who seek out reproductive services in America. This two-part docu-series gives a snapshot into the lives of Black healthcare providers, mothers and pro-choice and pro-life activists and shows how laws that restrict abortion access impact Black women and their families.

Discussion facilitated by Professors Harris & Rudolph,and CCSRE Interns: Lyndon Inglis and Tanya Mendoza

Reproductive Justice as Human Rights with Loretta Ross

Wednesday, October 26th: 4:15-6pm via Zoom

Reproductive Justice moves beyond choice and access to abortion. The term was coined by African American women, including Ross, in 1994. It is a broader term that uses a human rights framework and also looks at reproductive oppression, sterilization abuse, immigration restrictions, gun culture, rape culture, the prison-to-school pipeline, etc.

Loretta Ross is an award-winning, nationally-recognized expert on racism and racial justice, women's rights, and human rights. Her work emphasizes the intersectionality of social justice issues and how intersectionality can fuel transformation.