2019-2020 CCSRE Events

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The 1619 Project at Connecticut College

Join us for a reception on December 5!

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Thursday, December 5, 4:15-5:30 PM, Ernst

CCSRE & DIEI invite you to a reception commemorating The 1619 Project at Connecticut College, and to hear about all of our exciting events for the Spring. 

Featuring special guests, Prof. Hubert Cook, Prof. Kate Rushin & more. Soul food will be served.

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Scavenger Hunt Contest 

There are 22 different posters about the 1619 Project at Connecticut College hanging up around campus.  

1. Find and snap a picture of ALL 22 posters

2. Post them to your social account and tag @CCSRECONNCOLL

3. The first 3 people to post about all 22 will win a VISA GIFT CARD valued at $100 / $50 / $25

(all other participants will receive a free CCSRE water bottle)






CCSRE + STEM = SYZYGY Presents: Dr. John Asher Johnson, "This is not a diversity talk"

Monday, November 18, 12-1pm 

1941 Room

The American discourse on the various disparities present in society generally, and academia specifically, focuses primarily on observations of the state of a given situation---e.g. a lack of diversity---rather than on the actions that lead to such a state. This approach is just as dissatisfying and ultimately ineffectual as observing that certain stars are "bright," rather than describing any of the physical principles that lead to the observed properties of a star. In this talk I'll argue that there exists a longstanding crisis in STEM that can only be addressed through an honest discourse on the historical and present-day actions that have led to the current state of affairs, and that a sustainable solution requires radical change in the culture of STEM. I'll offer a useful framework for discussing the problem and exploring solutions. I'll also share examples of solutions we have implemented in the Harvard Astronomy department, that have drastically reshaped the demographics of a graduate program over a very short time.


Dr. John Asher Johnson will also give a talk titled, "Exoplanets in the Stellar Mass-Metallicity Plane" at 4:15pm in NLH 101. 


Watch. Learn. Discuss. Two-Part Film Series

Thursday, November 14, 6-7:30pm
Cro's Nest

bell hooks: Cultural Criticism & Transformation (1997)

In this critical documentary from 1997, bell hooks lays out her critiques about portrayals for race, gender and class in media, how they interact and how they intersect in Hollywood.

Thursday, November 21, 6-7:30pm
Cro's Nest

Reel Injun: On the Trail of the Hollywood Indian (2009)
Following similar veins of critical media viewership, this documentary follows the portrayal of Native Americans in Hollywood: from the inception of films to now. With the aid of Native American filmmakers, elders and critics, documentary filmaker Neil Diamond aims to unpack the representations of indigenous peoples in dominant media: the good, the bad, and the ugly.