CISLA Seniors: Class of 2023

Nouman Ahmed

Majors: Mathematics and Economics

CISLA Language: English
SIP: The Role of Religion and Culture in the Economic Development of Pakistan
Internship: Lucht Probst Assoc. LPA
Location: London, England

Isabella Amaro Varas

Majors: International Relations and French

CISLA Language: French
SIP: Bridging Policy and Practice: Access to Higher Education for Refugees in France
Internship: UniR (Universités Réfugié.e.s)
Location: Paris, France

Madison Arnold

Majors: Economics and International Relations

CISLA Language: Italian
SIP: The Economic Impact of Environmental Policy and Sustainability Efforts in Italy
Internship: Fideuram
Location: Milan, Italy

Melissa Avilez Lopez

Major: Economics

CISLA Language: Portuguese
SIP: Growth and Income Distribution in Brazil, Peru, and the United States
Internship: Faculty-directed research 
Country of Interest: Brazil

Taliah Broadus

Majors: Economics, International Relations, and French

CISLA Language: French
SIP: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Fashion Industry
Internship: Faculty-directed research
Country of Interest: France

Sbidag Demerjian

Majors: International Relations and Economics

CISLA Language: Chinese
SIP: Creating a Leviathan in Lebanon
Internship: Charles River Laboratories
Location: Remote

Emily Hackett

Majors: International Relations and Slavic Studies

CISLA Languages: Russian, Czech, and German
SIP: Soviet Study Abroad: Fostering Communist Elites in Czechoslovakia and East Germany
Internship: Czech National Agency for International Education and Research
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Bilis Kalolella

Major: Chemistry/Biochemistry

CISLA Language: English
SIP: Drug Discovery of Infectious and Neglected Tropical Diseases (Case of Malaria)
Internship: Drug Discovery and Development (H3D Centre) (Department of Chemistry, University of Cape Town)
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Wonjune Kim

Major: Anthropology

CISLA Language: French
SIP: Science Fiction Art from the Perspective of Neoclassicism and Romanticism
Internship: Independent study and research
Location: Paris, France

Zion Martin-Hayes

Majors: Dance and English

CISLA Language: French
SIP: Dancing Bodies in Literature and the Natural Spaces that They Occupy
Internship: École des Sables
Location: Dakar, Senegal

Miguel Mendiola

Major: Government

CISLA Language: French
SIP: Analyzing Voter Participation in Francophone Countries through Advancing Migration Policies on Diaspora 
Internship: International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) - Migration EU Expertise
Location: Brussels, Belgium

Anzhela Mirzoeva

Majors: International Relations and Economics

CISLA Languages: Russian and Tajik
SIP: The Economic Impact of Past Colonial Institutions on Central Asian Development
Country of Interest: Russia
Internship: Morningstar
Location: Chicago, IL

Annie Morgan

Majors: History, Government, and German Studies

CISLA Language: German
SIP: Gender Culture in the DDR and its Influence on Contemporary German Policy
Internship: Fair Share of Women Leaders
Location: Berlin, Germany

Princess Omane

Major: Neuroscience

CISLA Language: Spanish
SIP: Gender and Racial Disparities in Healthcare
Country of Interest: Spain
Internship: Faculty-directed research

Mingyur Paldon

Majors: International Relations and Human Development

CISLA Language: English
SIP: Impact of Indian and Belgian Policy towards Tibetan Refugees' Livelihood
Internship: Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy
Location: Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India

Gracie Piland

Major: Hispanic Studies

CISLA Languages: Spanish and Kichwa
SIP: Ecuador's Hierarchies of Bilingualism: Education as a Tool for Linguistic Revitalization
Internship: FENOCIN
Location: Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

Eiman Rana

Major: Computer Science

CISLA Languages: Urdu, Hindi, and English
SIP: Social Heroes App: To Help Minimize Cyberbullying and Support Social Well-being
Country of Interest: India
Internship: Information Services, Connecticut College
Location: New London, CT

Yeseri Rosa Vizcaino

Majors: Hispanic Studies and Dance

CISLA Language: Spanish
SIP: Las 21 Divisiones: History about Slavery and Poverty through Music and Dance
Internships: CUNY Dominican Studies Institute and DINAFOLK
Location: Dominican Republic

Ella Ross

Majors: Biology and Hispanic Studies

CISLA Language: Spanish
SIP: Hidden Curriculum: Benefits of Early Exposure to Learning a Second Language
Internship: Montessori Kinder Barcelona
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Jess Rush

Majors: English, French, and Gender, Sexuality and Intersectionality Studies

CISLA Language: French
SIP: Bodies, Beauty: (De)constructing the Marginalized Body in French Fashion, Media and Entertainment
Internship: Independent research
Location: Paris, France

Noshin Saiyara

Majors: International Relations and Economics

CISLA Languages: English and Bengali
SIP: Community Oriented Development: Role of Health & Education in Bangladesh's Growth and Development 
Internship: Youth Policy Forum Bangladesh
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mehin Suleiman

Majors: Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology and Hispanic Studies

CISLA Language: Spanish
SIP: Genetic Capitalism: The Anthropological Evolution of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
Internship: Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal)
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Olha Vasyliv

Majors: Sociology and French

CISLA Language: French
SIP: Ukraine in France: Cultural Xenophilia in the Context of War
Internship: Ukrainian Embassy in Paris
Location: Paris, France

Beatrice Voorhees

Majors: Slavic Studies and History

CISLA Language: Russian
SIP: Out of Odesa: Jewish Odesan Emigre Artists of the 20th Century
Country of Interest: Russia
Internship: Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow 
Location: Remote