CISLA Juniors: Class of 2024

Samuel Boehme

Majors: Neuroscience and Hispanic Studies

CISLA Language: Spanish
SIP: Traditional Remedies in a World Dominated by Western Medicine: How Intercultural Competency Enhances Patient Care

Zolenge Bordwin

Major: East Asian Studies

CISLA Language: Japanese
SIP: Queer Language in Japan

Junice Caminero

Major: Educational Studies

CISLA Language: Spanish
SIP: Building Educational Bridges

Moises Chiquito

Major: Classics

CISLA Language: Latin
SIP: How Does Ancient Migration Reflect Today's Perception of Migration in Italy?

Samadhi Dissanayake

Major: Chemistry and Biochemistry

CISLA Language: Spanish
SIP: Prevalence of Medical Ethnobotany in Latin America

Ichiro Kubozono

Major: Quantitative Economics and Econometrics

CISLA Language: English
SIP: How Identity Plays Out in the Labor Market (LGBTQIA+/Immigrants)

Eric Lu

Major: Quantitative Economics and Econometrics

CISLA Language: Spanish
SIP: The Interrelationships between Latin American Fiscal Policies, Environmentally Sustainable Economy, and Climate Change

Bridget McTague

Majors: Economics and French

CISLA Language: French
SIP: Climate Change and its Social Justice Implications in France

Martha Njuguna

CISLA Language: Chinese
SIP: What are the Impacts of Urbanization in the Pearl River Delta Region of China on the Environment?

Benjamin Rothstein

Major: East Asian Studies

CISLA Language: Japanese
SIP: The Role of Ceramics in Japan's National Identity

Izzy Sala

Major: Neuroscience

CISLA Language: French
SIP: Immigration Induced Trauma: The Neurophysiological Effects of Trauma and the Therapies Available for Migrants and Refugees in France

Francis Sesenaya

Majors: Anthropology and Global Islamic Studies

CISLA Language: Arabic
SIP: Migration Patterns of Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Evan Strouse

Major: Music

CISLA Language: Spanish
SIP: The Impact of Current Education Policy on Access to Primary Music Education in Spain

Lorena Tenorio

Majors: Hispanic Studies and Human Development

CISLA Language: Spanish
SIP: Educational Opportunities for Latino Students in Spain

Yasmine Tohme

Majors: Film Studies and Italian

CISLA Language: Italian
SIP: Foreign Films as a Tool for Intercultural Understanding

Christine Vuu

Major: Economics

CISLA Language: Chinese
SIP: Technologically Advanced Cities in Taiwan

Chloe Walsh

Majors: Government and French

CISLA Language: French
SIP: Forced Migration to France: LGBTQIA+ Community in Limbo

Meghan Webb

Majors: Psychology and Hispanic Studies

CISLA Language: Spanish
SIP: Body Image in Spain and its Portrayal in the Media

Ava Yassari

Major: International Relations

CISLA Language: French
SIP: International Law and its Influence on Migrants and Refugees

Gicel Zuniga

Majors: Human Development and Education

CISLA Language: Spanish
SIP: Effects of Negative Mental Health Stigmas in Latinx Communities