Class of 2022

Ammon Vaughn
Likely Major: American Studies 
Likely Minor: Government 
Center Focus: Examining the history of women and their relationship with menstrual products, while answering the questions: why do feminine sanitation products end up on beaches, and why are more sustainable options ignored?

Alice Ball   
Likely Major: Biology     
Center Focus: The future of coral reef conservation, examining techniques to promote colony reproduction such as micro fragmentation and coral nurseries.

Milo Becker                   
Likely Major: Architectural Studies
Likely Minor: Environmental Studies, and Sociology
Center Focus: Societal perceptions of renewable energy projects. Their aesthetics, environmental importance & economic feasibility.

Katherine Davis             
Likely Major: Philosophy                             
Center Focus: Reproductive ethics in the face of climate change

Julia Graham     
Likely Major: Environmental Studies
Likely Minor: Slavic Studies         
Center Focus: Examine Lake Baikal, Russia from natural and social science perspective, examining the ecology of the lake and activism surrounding it.

Bridget Hilgendorff       
Likely Major: Biology     
Likely Minor: Environmental Studies       
Center Focus: Analyze how current conservation efforts along the east coast New England will need to be changed in the midst of climate change.

Leah Kosovsky               
Likely Majors: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology         
Likely Minor: Environmental Studies
Center Focus: The public health risks of micro plastics in the waters surrounding Connecticut College.

Lauren Moonan             
Likely Major: Biology                                   
Center Focus: The history of Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 and its effectiveness.

Jackie Mountford                           
Likely Major: Environmental Studies
Likely Minor: Economics                             
Center Focus: Glacial change as a result from climate change, and the impacts to people around the world; specifically impacts to drinking sources.

Payton Mulvehill                             
Likely Majors: Environmental Studies and Government                                 
Center Focus: Boundary waters of National Parks, the relationship between local government agencies, policies and protections when facing threats such as oil drilling.

Amelia Packard               
Likely Major: Physics     
Likely Minor: Mathematics                         
Center Focus: Applying physics and communication principles to the current energy crisis, exploring options in kinetic renewable energy to answer questions like how can we make motion a sustainable resource? How does storytelling play a role in solving the energy crisis?

Katie Warren                   
Likely Major: Environmental Studies                       
Center Focus: Looking at the food system of beef and impacts on land consumption and water use from beef production.