Juniors continue to participate in the Certificate Seminar ES 395. Designed to help prepare students for their internships and senior integrative projects, the seminar provides juniors an opportunity to present their proposals to students and faculty. It also offers in-depth discussion of current environmental issues with invited speakers, and the opportunity to share information among students with diverse backgrounds.

Juniors take the additional courses that they have selected to prepare for their internships and projects. Many students study away for one semester so they are encouraged to select a location with courses that will augment their program of studies in the Center. Finally, they submit their internship learning agreements for approval, and prepare to leave for their summer work with a variety of organizations in different states and abroad. 

Class of 2022

Ammon Vaughn
Likely Major: American Studies 
Likely Minor: Government 
Center Focus: Examining the history of women and their relationship with menstrual products, while answering the questions: why do feminine sanitation products end up on beaches, and why are more sustainable options ignored?

Alice Ball   
Likely Major: Biology     
Center Focus: The future of coral reef conservation, examining techniques to promote colony reproduction such as micro fragmentation and coral nurseries.

Milo Becker                   
Likely Major: Architectural Studies
Likely Minor: Environmental Studies, and Sociology
Center Focus: Societal perceptions of renewable energy projects. Their aesthetics, environmental importance & economic feasibility.

Katherine Davis             
Likely Major: Philosophy                             
Center Focus: Reproductive ethics in the face of climate change

Julia Graham     
Likely Major: Environmental Studies
Likely Minor: Slavic Studies         
Center Focus: Examine Lake Baikal, Russia from natural and social science perspective, examining the ecology of the lake and activism surrounding it.

Bridget Hilgendorff       
Likely Major: Biology     
Likely Minor: Environmental Studies       
Center Focus: Analyze how current conservation efforts along the east coast New England will need to be changed in the midst of climate change.

Leah Kosovsky               
Likely Majors: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology         
Likely Minor: Environmental Studies
Center Focus: The public health risks of micro plastics in the waters surrounding Connecticut College.

Lauren Moonan             
Likely Major: Biology                                   
Center Focus: The history of Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 and its effectiveness.

Jackie Mountford                           
Likely Major: Environmental Studies
Likely Minor: Economics                             
Center Focus: Glacial change as a result from climate change, and the impacts to people around the world; specifically impacts to drinking sources.

Payton Mulvehill                             
Likely Majors: Environmental Studies and Government                                 
Center Focus: Boundary waters of National Parks, the relationship between local government agencies, policies and protections when facing threats such as oil drilling.

Amelia Packard               
Likely Major: Physics     
Likely Minor: Mathematics                         
Center Focus: Applying physics and communication principles to the current energy crisis, exploring options in kinetic renewable energy to answer questions like how can we make motion a sustainable resource? How does storytelling play a role in solving the energy crisis?

Katie Warren                   
Likely Major: Environmental Studies                       
Center Focus: Looking at the food system of beef and impacts on land consumption and water use from beef production.