GNCE Class of 2021
From left to right: Naveen Gooneratne, Catherine Fortin, Tess, Beardell, Morgan Maccione, Ella Rumpf, and Grace Neale

Juniors continue to participate in the Certificate Seminar ES 395. Designed to help prepare students for their internships and senior integrative projects, the seminar provides juniors an opportunity to present their proposals to students and faculty. It also offers in-depth discussion of current environmental issues with invited speakers, and the opportunity to share information among students with diverse backgrounds.

Juniors take the additional courses that they have selected to prepare for their internships and projects. Many students study away for one semester so they are encouraged to select a location with courses that will augment their program of studies in the Center. Finally, they submit their internship learning agreements for approval, and prepare to leave for their summer work with a variety of organizations in different states and abroad. 

Meet the Class of 2021

Theresa (Tess) Beardell
Environmental Interest:
 Human reliance and impacts upon soil microbes and health.

Adelaide (Addie) Daly
Environmental Interest: EU policies and laws relating to sustainable agriculture.

Cleora (Cleo) Dolde
Environmental Interest: Effective ways to reforest and conserve the Amazon Rainforest.

Catherine (Caty) Fortin
Environmental Interest: The impact of copper mining on indigenous & poor communities in Peru.

Naveen Gooneratne
Environmental Interest: Observational bird and window collision study on the Connecticut College Campus.

Lily Hackett
Environmental Interest: 
Exploring the impact zoos and aquariums, and if their conservation efforts outweigh the suffering of animals in captivity.

Morgan Maccione
Environmental Interest: Anthropological study of human waste habits by examining chicken consumption patterns across cultures.

Grace Neale
Environmental Interest: Environmental toxins and their effects on childhood development and anxiety.

Joanna Rucker
Environmental Interest: An environmental and ecological analysis of the ecotourism industry in Botswana.

Ella Rumpf
Environmental Interest: Philosophy and ethics of litter and litter clean up.

Julia Whelan
Environmental Interest: How primate social and cognitive makeup relates to how humans should approach conservation.

Shefka (Sheffy) Williams
Environmental Interest: 
Urban agriculture, community gardens, and soil pollution in post-industrial cities.