Juniors continue to participate in the Certificate Seminar ES 395. Designed to help prepare students for their internships and senior integrative projects, the seminar provides juniors an opportunity to present their proposals to students and faculty. It also offers in-depth discussion of current environmental issues with invited speakers, and the opportunity to share information among students with diverse backgrounds.

Juniors take the additional courses that they have selected to prepare for their internships and projects. Many students study away for one semester so they are encouraged to select a location with courses that will augment their program of studies in the Center. Finally, they submit their internship learning agreements for approval, and prepare to leave for their summer work with a variety of organizations in different states and abroad. 

GNCE Class of 2024

Lara Beckius
Environmental Studies and Economics majors
Center Environmental Interest: Evaluating indoor farming practices in urban regions to gauge if they have the ability to feed the rapidly growing population

Carine DeBenedittis
Architectural Studies & Environmental Studies majors
Center Environmental Interest: Explore New York City's use of architecture to protect the city from environmental threats; especially sea level rise and flooding from natural disasters

Hannah Grinnell
Environmental Studies major, Anthropology minor
Center Environmental Interest: Exploring the Indigenous Protected Areas (IPCAs) conservation model as a tool to promote biodiversity conservation

Sarah Hall
Environmental Studies major
Center Environmental Interest: U.K.’s expansion of offshore wind and how it can be transferred to U.S. policy, R&D, and industry economics

Winona Hunter
Environmental Studies major, Anthropology minor
Center Environmental Interest: Comparison of U.K. and New England wind farm successes and resistance through case studies

Keri Krasnoff
Chemistry and Environmental Studies majors
Center Environmental Interest: Ocean acidification projection and solutions

Emma Lanahan
Environmental Studies major
Center Environmental Interest: How policy, economics, society and science play a role in implementing community level agro-ecological farming practices and how to sustain and support them

David Neelappa
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology majors
Center Environmental Interest: Plants in the Northeast U.S. and their potential medicinal value

Grace Robinson
Biology and Government majors
Center Environmental Interest: Manatee conservation policies including examining threats and developing potential policies that will help conserve the endangered species 

Renee Smith
Biology major, Chemistry minor
Center Environmental Interest: Study effects of plant and fungi interactions, such as in soil fungi and pathogens to discover new and practical applications for sustainable agriculture and habitat management

Edin Sisson
Botany major, English and Biology minors
Center Environmental Interest: How the impacts of climate change affect aquatic botanical ecosystems their primary consumers

Luke Sparreo
Botany major, Environmental Studies minor
Center Environmental Interest: Evaluating plant diversity in the newly created "conservation areas" on Connecticut Highway roadsides, comparing techniques between the Connecticut Department of Transportation and the Connecticut College Arboretum  

Aparajita Tyagi
Biology major, Statistics minor
Center Environmental Interest: History of land use affecting the biomass and diversity of mussel species by studying the water systems at Barn Island.