Seniors in the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment certificate program return from their internships and share their experiences and with other certificate students in their third year of the Certificate Seminar ES 495. They continue active participation in Center-sponsored activities and complete any outstanding certificate requirements. Now the students integrate their experiences gained from their majors, additional course work, internships and research into their senior integrative projects.

During the year they present their progress to students and faculty in the Certificate Seminar. They present their final senior integrative project as either an individual study or an honors thesis at an annual public event, and prepare posters and abstracts of their work. Finally, the seniors attend a ceremony in their honor where they receive their Certificates in Environmental Studies.

GNCE Class of 2023

Vaughn Ammon
American Studies major, Government minor
Senior Integrative Project: Sustainable Feminine Hygiene Products in Nearby Schools

Adrian Beckford

Environmental Studies major, Government minor
Senior Integrative Project: Comparative Analysis of Climate Adaptation Ideas and Strategies Between the US and Another Country

Quincy Dowling
Biology major
Senior Integrative Project: How Urban Green Roofs Can Improve Environmental Factors such as pollutant content in runoff and average temperature.

Madeleine Gassin
Environmental Studies major
Senior Integrative Project: Documenting Climate Induced Glacial Melting on Icelandic glaciers, and their Global Effects

Sarah Padilla
Biology major
Senior Integrative Project: Ocean Pollution Clean-Ups and How to Motivate Change to Prevent Pollution.

Ellie Pieper
Biology major, Italian and Music minors
Senior Integrative Project: Assessing Human Impact on Marine Life and How We Address These Issues

Liam Rimas
Government and Environmental Studies majors
Senior Integrative Project:  How Does A City's Sustainable Redevelopment Plans Effect Lower Income Urban Populations?

Kevin Rissmiller
Government major, Sociology and Economics minors
Senior Integrative Project: The Political Impacts of the Climate Movement in the United States

Anna Smith
Environmental Studies major, English minor
Senior Integrative Project: The Relationship Between Ecological Literacy and Environmental Justice

Alaine Zhang
Biology major, Enviornmental Studies minor
Senior Integrative Project: Wildlife Conservation Through Collaborative Community Measures