Sophomores are accepted into the program at the end of the fall semester after an intensive application process. They commence the program by taking ES 110 Environmental Studies as a Natural Science, or ES 111 as a Social Science.

During their first semester in the program, sophomores take ES 290, a four-credit course with two components: a service-learning project and seminar. By incorporating a service-learning component, the Center fosters inquiry and skill-building through application of scholarship in a community context. Through affiliation with Avalonia Land Conservancy, a local, multi-town land conservation organization, the Center helps students understand the value of land conservation while also providing Avalonia with needed assistance.

The ES 290 seminar is designed to help prepare students for their internships and senior integrative projects. It also offers in-depth discussion of current environmental issues with invited speakers, and the opportunity to share information among students with diverse backgrounds, including juniors and seniors in the Certificate Program. Sophomores also participate in many special events sponsored by the Center.

WELCOME to our brand new class of GNCE scholars - the Class of 2023!

Adrian Beckford

Likely Major: Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: Climate adaptation strategies between the United States and other countries.

Meara Burns
Likely Majors: Botany and Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: Creation of an American chestnut orchard in the New London area; creating a genetic pool and specimen that can thrive in the local climate.

Quincy S. Dowling
Likely Major: Biology
Environmental Interest: Urban green roofs & their positive environmental benefits.

Madeleine E. Gassin
Likely Major: Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: Documenting climate induced glacial melting in the Arctic; focusing on Icelandic glaciers, and its effects on the world.

Makena Lurie
Likely Majors: English and Anthropology
Environmental Interest: Indigenous languages and English: exploring what parts of language create and shape different environmental relationships.

Sarah Padilla
Likely Major: Biology
Environmental Interest: Software development that could track ocean pollution, and encourage pollution reduction through individual responsibility.

Ellie Pieper
Likely Major: Biology
Environmental Interest: Human activities & attitudes towards marine life; how conservation and rescue impact the health of marine mammals.

Liam Rimas
Likely Majors: Government and Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: Sustainable urban redevelopment plans & their effect on lower income urban populations.

Kevin J. Rissmiller
Likely Major: Government
Environmental Interest: Youth climate activism & its effects on U.S. politics.

Edin O. Sisson
Likely Major: Botany
Environmental Interest: The impacts of climate change on aquatic botanical ecosystems.

Anna Smith
Likely Major: Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: The relationship between ecological literacy and environmental justice.

Alaine Zhang
Likely Major: Biology
Environmental Interest: Wildlife conservation through collaborative community measures.

Lily Zhang
Likely Major: Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: The relationship between harmful algal bloom and climate change.