Class of 2017, Goodwin Niering Center for the Environment
Back row, l-r: April Zhao, Sarah Spound, Julia Serafin, Moriah McKenna, Mei Reffsin and Katie Alderman Front Row, l-r: Marissa Gildea, Nako Kobayashi, Nikki Caspers and Lana Richards

Seniors in the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment certificate program return from their internships and share their experiences and with other certificate students in their third year of the Certificate Seminar ES 495. They continue active participation in Center-sponsored activities and complete any outstanding certificate requirements. Now the students integrate their experiences gained from their majors, additional course work, internships and research into their senior integrative projects.

During the year they present their progress to students and faculty in the Certificate Seminar. They present their final senior integrative project as either an individual study or an honors thesis at an annual public event, and prepare posters and abstracts of their work. Finally, the seniors attend a ceremony in their honor where they receive their Certificates in Environmental Studies.

Katie Alderman

Major: English; Minor: Philosophy 
Environmental Interest: Philosophy-based examination of “Leave No Trace” ethics

Nikki Caspers

Majors: Environmental Studies and Biology
Environmental Interest: Examining management techniques for the invasive Lionfish

Marissa Gildea

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience
Environmental Interest: Effects of pharmaceuticals in water on Zebrafish 

Nako Kobayashi

Major: Anthropology; Minor: French
Environmental Interest: Field-based education for promoting environmental and sustainable connections

Moriah McKenna

Majors: Biology and Anthropology
Environmental Interest: Archaeological survey of colonial farmsteads, evaluating environmental implications

Mei Reffsin

Major: Art; Minors: Environmental Studies and Psychology 
Environmental Interest: Increasing food education through visual, social and technological means

Lana Richards

Major: Theater
Environmental Interest: Theater production examining impacts to individuals in fracking boom towns

Julia Serafin

Major: Economics
Environmental Interest: Examining environmental and social responsibility in fashion industry

Sarah Spound

Major: Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: Comparison of American and Danish wind power initiatives, then creating visual advocacy art portfolio

April Zhao

Majors: Environmental Studies and Economics
Environmental Interest: Cost benefit anaylsis and impact of Three Gorges Dam on China’s environment and society