Eligible students at the United States Coast Guard Academy, Trinity College, and Wesleyan University may enroll in one course per fall or spring semester at Connecticut College, subject to enrollment policies, including instructor permission and course restrictions, as well as seat availability. While enrolled in the exchange course, students are held responsible for the deadlines and policies that apply to the course, including the deadline to enroll and last day to withdraw, as well as the instructor's attendance policy. Students should contact the Registrar’s office at their institution to determine eligibility to participate in the Course Exchange Program. 

For information about enrollment in a particular course at Connecticut College, please contact degree@conncoll.edu.

  • Instructions for USCGA Cadets: Cadets should first contact the registrar's office at the Academy for permission to enroll in a Connecticut College course. Cadets who have been approved by the Academy to enroll in a Connecticut College course may then contact Professor Christopher Hammond, who will help facilitate the course enrollment process. The Academy has asked that cadets follow this process and that instructors are not contacted directly. 
  • Trinity and Wesleyan students who have been approved by their institution to enroll in a Connecticut College course should obtain a Course Exchange Enrollment Form from their institution's registrar’s office. Emailed course instructor approval and the completed form can be sent to degree@conncoll.edu.