First-Year Requirements and Deadlines Applying for Fall 2021 Admission

Connecticut College is extending our Regular Decision and Early Decision II deadlines by two weeks because ... well, 2020.

A global pandemic. Wildfires. Economic turmoil. Social unrest. Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Volcanic eruptions. Flooding. Large-scale explosions. We've even seen damaging swarms of locusts!

It's been a year, to say the least. So we want to give you some extra time to get your college application ready and to decide where you'd like to submit it. We hope that will include Conn, and we hope that 2020 gets better for all of us!

 The new deadline for RD and ED II is Jan. 15, 2021.

Application Type

Common Application

Notification Date

Early Decision I*

November 15


*Financial Aid Candidates should file CSS Profile by Nov. 15

Early Decision II**

January 15


**Financial Aid Candidates should file CSS Profile & FAFSA by Jan. 15

Regular Decision***

January 15

late March

***Financial Aid Candidates should file CSS Profile & FAFSA by Jan. 15 

Applying for Mid-Year Admission (January 2021)

First-year applicants also have the opportunity to apply for January admission.

Application Type

Common Application

Notification Date

January Admission

November 1


*Financial Aid candidates should file the CSS Profile & FAFSA by Nov. 1.
Financial aid is not available for foreign citizens applying for January/Spring admission.

Application Checklist

Connecticut College utilizes the Common Application for all application materials and encourages prospective students to create a Common App online account well in advance of the application deadline. This will allow time for completion of the application itself as well as all the other required materials listed below.

As part of our commitment to provide access to Conn to all qualified students, we have waived our application fee.


  1. Common Application
  2. School report: includes (1) college counselor recommendation, (2) official secondary school transcript with first term (quarter or trimester) grades for the current academic year and (3) mid-year report with updated grades as soon as they are available
  3. Two academic teacher recommendations (preferably from junior or senior year)
  4. Common Application Early Decision Agreement Form for EDI & EDII applicants (signed by ED applicant, college counselor and parent or legal guardian) submitted via your Common Application account
  5. If English is not your native language: the TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE is required.
  6. All non-US citizens must submit a Certification of Finances 2021-22 (pdf)


  1. Standardized Test Scores (i.e. SAT Reasoning or ACT). Please see our Standardized Test Policy
  2. Arts portfolio
  3. One non-academic recommendation, such as a peer recommendation, may be submitted via your Common Application account


We understand that as you go through the application process, you may encounter unexpected challenges that prevent you from meeting certain application requirements. We are committed to offering flexibility with deadlines and other requirements for students who experience a complication in applying, whether born out of a personal challenge or a natural disaster, so please contact our office to discuss your situation.