Applicants who intend to make a significant commitment to dance, music, studio art or theater are welcome to submit a portfolio as part of the application process. Faculty members review portfolios and provide feedback to the Admission Office. 

Once your Common Application is processed by the Admission Office, you will receive an email with login credentials to your Connecticut College applicant portal. Log into your portal and upload the portfolio materials designated below. You must complete this process within 7 days of your application deadline. 

Dance: Two on-campus auditions are held each fall. The department prefers in-person auditions. If, however, you are unable to audition on campus, please submit a one and a half to 2-minute solo, of any style, to illustrate your proficiency in dance. If you are submitting an original composition, specify that you are doing so.

Music: Upload two contrasting pieces that illustrate your musical proficiency. Be sure to indicate the title and composer for each piece, along with the medium (i.e. your instrument, including voice). Do not submit ensemble recordings unless you are the featured soloist. If you are submitting an original composition, upload the score as well as the recording. Submission of a musical resume is optional.

Studio Art: Upload 5-10 files that showcase your experiences in art-making. Our faculty want to see your technical ability, your creativity — regarding use of materials as well as ideas — and your independent drive. You may submit work done in class and/or on your own.

Theater: Specifications forthcoming

Note that only when a student chooses to declare a major in the arts is an audition or portfolio review required. The deadline for declaring a major is the second semester of sophomore year. Please contact the department of interest to you for further details about auditions and/or portfolio reviews for intended majors.