Q: How do I contact a professor or coach?

A: . If you don't know a faculty member's name, you can get one from the campus directory and also find e-mail addresses and phone numbers for all of our faculty and coaches. Our admission fellows are also available to be contacted anytime by prospective students.

Q: Why is the Camel the mascot?

A: The camel, the "ship of the desert," was named our mascot for its endurance and fortitude. But there is, of course, a story behind the naming of the Camel.

Q: What are Connecticut College's school colors?

A: Connecticut College Blue and White. Well, white is just plain white, but the blue is sort of a royal, but not as bright, yet certainly not navy. It's Connecticut College Blue. (Officially Pantone 295 - See "Visual Identity-College Colors")

Q: Do you have any summer programs for high school students?

A: No, we do not.

Q: Could you take the phone outside and read to me what it says on the plaque located on the front wall of the Horizon House Admission building?

"Never look down to test the ground
Before taking your next step;
Only he who keeps his eye fixed on
The far horizon will find his right road."
- Dag Hammarskjold, Markings

Q: What's the weather like today at Connecticut College?

A: See for yourself.

Q: What's the phone number of the college Bookshop so I can buy a gift for a new Camel?

A: Their toll-free number is 800-892-3363.  You can also go to the Bookshop website for more information.