The College's official colors are dark blue and white. The information below gives color specifications in the most common color systems. However, fabric, embroidery thread, plastic, metal and other materials must be matched as closely to Pantone 295 as possible. It is permissible to use metallic silver substances, such as ink or foil, as an alternative to white.

Please refer to the Visual Identity Manual for more information about usage.


HTML/Web #002F5F #9EC3DE
RGB R0; G47; B95 R158; G195; B222
CMYK (Process) Pantone 295 PC or
C100; M68; Y8; K52
Pantone 543 PC or
C39; M8; Y0; K1
Spot (Coated Paper) Pantone 295 C Pantone 543 C
Spot (Uncoated Paper) Pantone 295 U Pantone 543 U
Black and White Solid Black 35% Screen


HTML/Web #FFFFFF #000000
RGB B255; R255; G255 R0; G0; B0
CMYK (Process) Paper 100% Black
Spot (Coated Paper) Paper 100% Black
Spot (Uncoated Paper) Paper 100% Black
Black and White 0% Black 100% Black

Spot colors, or solid inks specified with the Pantone Matching System, are used for conventional and screen printing.
CMYK values are used for commercial color printing where colors are produced through cyan, magenta, yellow and black dots.
RGB values are used for televisions and computer monitors (specifically for Web and video applications).
HTML values are used for Web applications and Web code.