Q:  Should students with disabilities self-identify during the admission process?

A:  Students with disabilities are not required to self-identify at all but may choose to do so at any time. If there is a specific weakness in your application – a grade or test score, for example – that is disability-related, then offering explanatory information might be helpful. 

Q:  Is the Office of Student Accessibility Services involved in the admission process?

A:  The Office of Admission does not share application materials or any other information about an applicant with the Office of Student Accessibility Services. Likewise, the Student Accessibility Services office does not share any information with the Office of Admission. Applicants are invited to consult either by phone or in person with the Director of Student Accessibility Services at any time in order to inquire about what type of support is available on campus. Please call 860-439-5428 to make an appointment.

Q:  What services are available on campus for students with disabilities?

A:  Students should meet with the Director of Student Accessibility Services to discuss appropriate accommodations. Reasonable accommodations can be made for equal access to academic activities, as well as to residential life, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Approval for accommodations will require a student to register with the Office of Student Accessibility Services by self-identifying and providing documentation that supports the need for accommodations. Visit Student Accessibility Services for more information.

There are various resources on Campus that provide assistance for all students. Some resources that may be of particular interest for students with disabilities are:

Academic Resource Center: offers services to support the academic work of all students, such as study skills workshops, time management, coaching and tutoring, all at no cost.

Roth Writing Center: offers one-to-one peer tutoring to help student writers of all abilities during all stages of the writing process. 

Student Counseling Services: is available to assist students experiencing emotional upset. Care is provided in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere at no cost to the student.

Student Health Services: Provides a variety of health-related services.