Moving into Your Room

All first-year students at Connecticut College will have roommates. If you participate in Odyssey, the international students pre-orientation program, you will have access to your room before your roommates arrive. As a gesture of courtesy, you should not move your belongings into the closet, or claim any beds/furniture for yourself nor choose "your side" of the room until your roommate(s) have arrived. Once your roommate(s) arrive on campus, you may then discuss and negotiate how you would like to divide or rearrange the furniture.

Housing Policies

Connecticut College's academic year is divided into two semesters with about a month-long break between mid-December and mid-January. A detailed semester calendar can be found here.

Residence halls close for winter break and again for two weeks' spring break during March. Some international students go home. Some prefer to stay on campus or visit friends and relatives they may have in the U.S. Students can make arrangements to stay on campus during these breaks. There is no charge for room and board for students approved to stay over winter and spring break.

Over the summer, the current policy allows students to stay on campus if they are involved in some on-campus activities such as taking summer courses, have an on-campus job or are working for a faculty member on an academic project. There is a fee associated with room and board for students who spend the summer break on campus. Pay attention to the notices from the Office of Residential Education and Living (REAL) before winter, spring and summer breaks, and contact them if you have any questions.