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Academic Issues

The instructor of the course

The Academic Resource Center (ARC)

Your faculty adviser

Dean of First-Year Students (ext. 2050)

Dean of Sophomores (ext. 2050)

Office of the Registrar (ext. 3100)


On-campus Employment

Hale Center for Career Development (ext. 2770)


Career Advising

Hale Center for Career Development (ext. 2770)


Financial Issues

Accounting (Office of the Controller) (ext.2089)

Financial Aid Services (ext. 2058)


Health Issues

Student Health and Counseling Services (ext. 2275)

Wellbeing and Health Promotion (ext. 2826)


Safety Issues

Campus Safety (ext. 2222)


Information Services

IT Service desk / computer help, ext. 439-HELP (4357)



Office of Residential Education and Living (ext. 2834)


Language or Writing Questions

Roth Writing Center (ext. 2173)


Personal Issues

Your Class Dean (ext. 2050)

Counseling Services (ext. 4587)

Dean of Students (ext. 2825)

The College chaplains, Office of Religious and Spiritual Programs (ext. 2451)

Your Housefellow

Your IA

Your SA

The International Student Adviser