Created by Connecticut College students in 1922, the Honor Code is a system based on trust and mutual respect. Connecticut College students uphold academic excellence and high community standards by practicing responsible citizenship that protects the core principles of the College. With the privilege of having a diverse student body, students should be able to interact and learn from each other in ways that uphold community respect and personal freedom.*

Based on an ancient Athenian oath of citizenship, the Honor Code states:

"We will never, by any selfish or other unworthy act, dishonor this our College; individually and collectively we will foster her ideals and do our utmost to instill a respect in those among us who fail in their responsibility; unceasingly we will strive to quicken a general realization of our common duty and obligation to our College. And thus in manifold service we will render our Alma Mater greater, worthier, and more beautiful."

The honor system at Connecticut College is unique in that it is upheld by a student-governed Honor Council. Because the Honor Code is taken very seriously by students, there is a strong trust between students, faculty and administration. The Honor Code sets the tone for campus life and acts as a philosophy to live by through demonstrating a commitment to personal participation in improving the quality of life in our community.

During orientation, this honor system is thoroughly explained to new students. When students matriculate, they pledge to adhere to the Connecticut College Honor Code by formally signing the Connecticut College matriculation pledge:

"I accept membership into Connecticut College, a community committed to cultural and intellectual diversity. I understand my obligation to this community under the Honor Code and pledge to uphold standards of behavior governed by honor. I pledge to take responsibility for my beliefs, and to conduct myself with integrity, civility, and the utmost respect for the dignity of all human beings. I pledge that my actions will be thoughtful and ethical and that I will do my best to instill a sense of responsibility in those among us who falter."

Honor Pledge

On all exams, tests and quizzes taken at Connecticut College, students are required, as part of their adherence to the Honor Code, to write out the Connecticut College Honor Pledge. It is signed by the student. It is an outward indication of a student's pledge to work on his/her honor:

"I promise not to give or receive aid on this exam."

* Current students may find the Student Handbook and the Honor Code Incident Report Form in CamelWeb.