Pictured above from left to right: BRG members in 2015, Danielle Fontaine, Deniz Yetil, Kristin Russo, Alex McGurk, Rakhshi Qureshi, Alea Wittenski, Tara Southworth, and Bruce R. Branchini. Not pictured: Leah Salituro and Munya Talukder.

The Branchini Bioluminescence Research Group is located in Hale Laboratory, an excellent modern space housing upper division laboratories, faculty research space, classrooms and instrument rooms. Over the past ten years, federal grant and private foundation funding has improved instrumentation to provide outstanding laboratory-based curricula focused on research and research training. In addition to major instruments like a 500 MHz NMR and a Thermo Finnigan LC/MS, the group has facilities and equipment for PCR, protein purification, enzyme characterization and organic synthesis.



Danielle Fontaine operating the IVIS Lumina III Imaging System purchased with Funding from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

Milton using the light box to measure bioluminescence in the bio-organic lab.

Danielle making bacterial cultures containing luciferase genes in the moleular biology lab.

Yumi operating the LC/MS in the instrumentation lab.

Bruce Branchini running a sample on the 500MHz NMR.