Pictured above from left to right: BRG members 2016, Catherine Florentine, Demetria DeBartolo, Emma Henricks, Bruce Branchini, Franceine Welcome, and Tara Southworth. Not pictured: Danielle Fontaine.

-Structure and Mechanistic Studies on Firefly Luciferase (with Andrew Gulick, Hauptman-Woodward Institute)

  Branchini Research Group image of Luciferase -DLSA BMOE-Luciferase image  

Pictured above, two conformations of P. pyralis luciferase provided by Andrew Gulick. At left, Luciferase-DLSA in Adenylation Conformation and at right, BMOE Cross-Linked Luciferase-DLSA in Oxidation Conf 2

- Development of Chimeric Luciferases with Enhanced Activity and Stability

- Directed Evolution Studies to Produce Optimized Luciferase-Substrate Analog Systems

- Development of nearIR emitting firefly luciferin analogs and luciferases (with Jim Anderson, University College London, and Amit  Jathoul, Cardiff University)

- Biochemical Characterization of the Orfelia fultoni bioluminescence system (with Vadim Viviani, Dept. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (DFQM) CCTS, and Ilia Yampolsky, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry Russian Academy of Sciences and coworkers) 

- Development of novel luciferin and luciferases for bioluminescence imaging applications (with Roberto Speck and Audrey Fahrny, Department of Infectious Diseases University Hospital of Zurich) 

- Bioanalytical Applications of Luciferase Variants (with Aldo Roda, University of Bologna)

  orfelia Mouse_chem  


The above images demonstrate (left) an Orfelia fultoni larva photographed in the dark emitting blue light and (right) bioluminescence imaging of mouse tumors. 


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