Our health promotion, education and outreach efforts provide learning experiences and opportunities to help students acheive academic excellence and success in and out of the classroom.

Programs and outreach

The Office of Student Wellness and Alcohol/ Drug Education:

  • Works closely with Office of student life to execute a "community of care" model that integrates services, education and outreach
  • Implements leader training on the intersection of health and alcohol/ drug prevention and student leadership
  • Provides health, wellness and alcohol/ drug education to new students
  • Collaborates with student leaders and peer educators to create innovative and engaging programs on health and wellness topics for the campus community on an ongoing basis
  • Collaborates with faculty to develop health and wellness classroom programming
  • Conducts wellness meetings with students who self-refer to the office or are referred by a friend
  • Works closely with Student Health and Counseling Services to coordinate follow up on student referrals


E.P.I.C. Saturday Nights (Encouraging Positive Interventions in Camels)

This student workshop teaches strategies for navigating Saturday night social activities, including how to look out for our friends and mitigate risky situations. This program is adapted from research from the University of Central Missouri.

Nutrition: Choose your own adventure

Audience participation is a must! Students choose the content of the workshop via audience-response clickers. We explore nutrition on campus from "Apples to Zucchini," including navigating Harris Refectory, eating for brain power and cooking great food.

Mind Jars

Take time to take a breath. We know college can get stressful ... this activity is an introduction to mindfulness and breathing exercise.



National Women’s Health & Fitness Day
Healthy Relationships
Nutrition and Exercise


National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week
Screening Days: Alcohol, Depression
Breast Cancer Awareness Walk


Great American Smoke Out


Stress Reduction
Moonlight Breakfast


Sexual Responsibility Week
Eating Disorders Week with Screening


Safe Spring Break


Color Run
Think Outside the Bottle Day