Jamila Ezbidi

President of SGA

As president the Student Government Association Jamila is responsible for overlooking and maintaining the functioning of the SGA executive Board, Chairs Council, and General Assembly.

Jamila is a Palestinian-German International student from Palestine. She is double majoring in Architectural Studies and International Relations and is a Toor Cummings Center for International Studies and the Liberal Arts (CISLA) scholar. On campus, she is the Co-Chair of the Architectural Studies SAB, and plays the Cello.

Fun fact: Jamila interned with Rebel Architect Santiago Cirugeda over the summer in Madrid.

Yoldas Yildiz '18

Vice President, SGA

As the Vice President of SGA, Yoldas oversees all clubs and organizations on campus as well as the resolution writing process. Resolutions are a way that the student body can endorse a project or express a sentiment to the rest of the college community.

Yoldas is an international student who is Turkish & Kurdish but was born and raised in London, England. He is an alumnus of the Fulbright & Sutton Trust UK - US Program. He is a Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology major with a minor in Psychology. He is also a scholar in the Toor Cummings Center for International Studies and the Liberal Arts (CISLA). On campus, he is a barista at the student-run coffee shop, Coffee Grounds, and a Student Program Coordinator at the Academic Resource Center.

Fun fact: He has dyed his hair a different colour every semester since he has been at Conn (New colour TBC.)

Nadia Bednarczuk '19

Chief of Communications, SGA

As Chief of Communications, Nadia's job is to promote transparency and interaction between SGA, staff and faculty, and the students. In order to do that, Nadia controls the social media accounts for SGA, sends out campus wide emails, makes On the Can, and runs all student government elections.

Nadia is a Product Design & Art& double major from Newton, Massachusetts. On campus, besides SGA, Nadia is the Executive Web Layout Director for the LOOKmagazine and a tutor in the Roth Writing Center

Fun fact: Nadia designed her own major at Conn.

Amanda Yacos '18

Chief of Finance, SGA

As Chief of Finance, Amanda keeps records of the SGA’s finances and oversees the Finance Committee, which allocates funding to all clubs on campus.

Amanda, from Wyckoff, New Jersey, is a Economics and Computer Science double major with an Art History minor. Apart from SGA, she is also a barista at Coffee Closet.

Fun fact: She is a certified scuba diver.

Sameh Rezk '18

Chair of Academic Affairs, SGA

As Chair of Academic Affairs, Sameh helps facilitate communication between the student body and the faculty and academic administration. He serves on academic committees to help advocate for student opinions in curricular issues, and works with the chair of each Student Advisory Board.

Sameh is from Cairo, Egypt, double-majoring in International Relations and Economics. As an international student, Conn has been a second home to him. “I have had the best experiences here, and met some of my closest friends who have shaped the person I am today.” Some of his favorite things are sports, traveling, music, PBJ sandwiches, coffee and friends.

Fun Fact: His home is 40 minutes away from the Great Pyramids.

Marta Martinez Fernandez '18

Chair of Honor Council, SGA

As Chair of Honor Council, it is Martina's responsibility to facilitate education around the Honor Code in addition to ensuring the Council fulfills its obligations to the community. She looks forward to working with community members to ensure an educational outcome for all people involved in the sanctioning process.

Marta, from Spain, is an International Relations and French double-major with a History minor and is part of the CISLA certificate program. She is also the Lambdin housefellow and an Academic Resource Center (ARC) tutor of Spanish and French.

Fun fact: She lived in Italy for two years.

James Murray '18

Chief of Residential Affairs, SGA

As Chair of Residential Affairs, James serves as liaison between the student body and the Office of Residential Education and Living, including housefellows and floor governors. James's job is to ensure SGA is passing resolutions that enhance life in the residence halls.

James hails from Western Massachusetts but currently resides in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. At Conn, he is a senior majoring in Government and a member of the finest short form comedy group, N20. Last spring, he studied in Hanoi, Vietnam, through one of the College's longest standing SATA programs (“I would highly recommend it!”) He is looking forward to serving the Conn community this year as Chair of Residential Affairs. "Grazie mille!"

Sarah Nappo '18

Chair of Student Activities Council

Sarah is History major with a minor in Religious Studies and is in the Museum Studies Certificate Program.

Fun fact: She has double-jointed shoulders, so she can bring her interlocked arms all the way around her body.

Paolo Sanchez '18

Chair of Equity and Inclusion

As Chair of Equity and Inclusion, Maryum's role is to advocate for equity, inclusion and diversity-related issues on campus and to ensure SGA’s ongoing involvement in conversations related to such issues. She makes sure that concerns of underrepresented students, staff and faculty are addressed and acted upon.

Maryum Qasim is an International junior from Pakistan majoring in International Relations on a Pre-Law track. Maryum is also a CISLA Scholar and does research on the psychological impacts of drone strikes on young adults. On campus, she has served as Residential Education Fellow as well as the President for the Muslim Student Association and DIEI ambassador for the Womxn's Center. 

Lera Shynkarova '20

Chief of Sustainability, SGA

As the Chair of Sustainability, Lera helps support and advance student-driven on-campus sustainability initiatives that are socially just, and economically and environmentally viable by utilizing the Sustainable Projects Fund.

Lera is a sophomore from Minsk, Belarus, with intended majors in Economics and Sociology and a minor in Environmental Studies. She is a president of the International Student Association, a Lending Library Fellow, and a social entrepreneur in the Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy. Lera works as a Student Ambassador of Leadership Development at the Division of Institutional Equity and Inclusion.

Fun fact: She was a vice-champion of Belarus in ballroom dancing at the age of 12.