Alternative Housing

Alternative Housing is a dedicated and valued part of the Connecticut College residential experience that provides opportunities for groups to thrive around a common cause.

Available options

Quiet Housing: (Lambdin House) Students who live here recognize the shared responsibility on the part of all residents to consistently give priority to quiet academic pursuits. Students must maintain quiet living environment 24 hours per day Sunday through Thursday. Non-quiet hours are established by the residents at the beginning of the year and generally occur during the weekend.

Wellness Housing: (Blackstone House). Students who live here have an appreciation for living in a manner that focuses on a student’s overall wellbeing. These areas of campus are substance free, and the Residential Life office encourages other forms of wellbeing including: healthy eating, spiritual health, exercise, etc. Students living in these areas may choose to engage in limited alcohol consumption outside of the floor, but must act responsibly and not return to the house intoxicated.

Substance Free Lifestyle: Blackstone 3rd floor is an area of Wellness Housing where students are expected to extend their substance free lifestyle beyond the area in which they live. These residents agree to a substance free environment including agreeing not to smoke, consume alcohol or use illicit drugs, nor bring any of these substances onto the Substance Free Area.

Language Housing: (Knowlton House) Living learning communities designed around the language interests of the students living in those spaces. Participants living in Knowlton House are expected to facilitate one program per semester.

Sustainable Living: (358 Mohegan – Earth House) For upper class students only is comprised of students who share a passion for issues related to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Single Sex Housing: This housing option is made available for students who prefer, or require, living in a single sex environment. Single Sex housing spaces also have single-sex bathrooms unlike the rest of campus.

Community Engagement: 

  • Plant House: Primarily for first-year students, this living option will focus on personal and professional development as it relates to serving the campuses surrounding neighborhoods. You will have the opportunity to learn about self and community while giving some of your time during your first-year to engaging with local service agencies.
  • Manwaring Apartments: Only available for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. By living in the downtown New London area and collaborating with the Holleran Center, residents will be able to engage in the local community via mutually beneficial learning experiences. 


To apply to live in these spaces, you must go through the specialty housing application process, but will not be required to interview. Applications will be reviewed by the Residential Life Staff and respective campus partners (Office of Sustainability, Holleran Center, etc. ) that collaborate with each specialty housing option.