Recognizing that not all students will want to live together under a common interest, any remaining apartments and independent living spaces from the Common Interest application will be available to students based on their averaged lottery numbers and application. Students who apply to live in independent living will need to pass a judicial check and may not be on Probation Level 2.

The Office of Residential Education and Living will advertise available spaces in independent living after the return from Spring Break. Available spaces may include:

  • 360 Apartments
  • Park Apartment-4 Person Apartment
  • Freeman Tower-4 Person Suite
  • Winchester 4-Person House
  • Winchester 6-Person House
  • Winchester 4-Person Apartment
  • Winchester 2-Person Apartment
  • River Ridge 5-Person Apartment
  • River Ridge 2-Person Apartment
  • 191 2-Person Apartment

Applicants must complete an Independent Living Process and Application and return it to Residential Education and Living. At the time of completion, your group must be complete and no additions or subtractions will be allowed.

Independent Living spaces will be assigned by averaging lottery numbers of the applicant group and then assigned based on their average number.