If you or someone you know has experience sexual assualt or misconduct, intimate partner violence, stalking or sexual harassment, there are many different resources and options available to you for information, support and reporting. None of these steps is mutually exclusive; you may pursue any or all options

Confidential help at any time- 860-460-9194

The Office of Sexual Violence Prevention and Advocacy maintains a CONFIDENTIAL, 24/7 phone line (860-460-9194) to offer, support, information, and resources. This phone line is available all the time to assist students who have experienced sexual misconduct, stalking or intimate partner violence.

The director of sexual violence prevention and advocacy is a trained sexual assault, intimate partner violence and stalking advocate. She is a confidential resource and is typically available year-round to assist students who have experienced sexual misconduct, stalking or intimate partner violence. She also serves as a resource for friends of victim-survivors, as well as for faculty and staff supporting students, and she works with the Coordinated Community Response Team to ensure students have access to the information and support they need and want.

The director of sexual violence prevention and advocacy offers assistance with the following:

  • support
  • connecting students with the appropriate services (medical, counseling, and legal)
  • providing information about the reporting procedures, both on and off campus
  • securing an on-campus no-contact directive

To reach the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Advocacy, Call 860-439-2219, schedule an appointment at https://bit.ly/ConnCollSVPA, or visit Cro 222 during business hours. 

You can also contact Campus Safety directly at x2222. Off campus options, including text-based chat hotlines are also available  see the important phone numbers below.

Confidential support

The following offices can assist you when you would like to focus on the emotional and physical healing process in relation to your experience as a survivor. These College professionals can also help you explore options in case you decide to pursue a formal College hearing or file a criminal charge. The people listed below may be able to assist you with room changes, course changes, access to emergency funds, etc.

  • SVPA Confidential Advocates (860-460-9194)
    The Confidential Advocates are: Rachel Stewart, Angela Nzegwu, Erin Duran, and Truth Hunter 

  • Rachel Stewart, director of sexual violence prevention and advocacy (860-439-2219), Located in Cro 222
  • Student Counseling Services (860-439-4587), Located in Warnshius Health Center
  • Student Health Services (860-439-2275), Located in Warnshius Health Center
  • College Chaplain (860-439-2450)

When you go to one of these people for support and advice, the information may remain confidential and does not constitute official notice to the College of sexual misconduct. These staff members, with the exception of Student Counseling Services and College Chaplains, must anonymously share information with the College that an incident was reported, per the federal Clery Act.

Reporting an assault

You have the choice to report any crime to local law enforcement and/or the Title IX Coordinator. For more detailed information on reporting procedures, please see the Student Handbook (login required). The director of sexual violence prevention and advocacy, an SVPA Advocate, or a support person of your choosing can accompany and support you through the process of reporting. 

Reporting on campus

Formal complaints of sexual misconduct, stalking and/or intimate partner violence can be filed through the Title IX Coordinator or Campus Safety. The complaint may be addressed through the Title IX Complaint Investigation Process. There is no limitation to when complaints may be submitted.

For more information, contact Ebony Manning, Associate Dean for Equity & Compliance Programs and Title IX Coordinator, titleIX@conncoll.edu or 860-439-2035

Reporting to the New London Police

The New London Police Department is available if you would like to report sexual misconduct, stalking, or intimate partner violence, and, possibly initiate a criminal investigation. Please call the New London Police Department at 860-447-5269. Legal options can be discussed with the New London State’s Attorney Office at 860-443-8444.

Medical exams

Students are strongly encouraged to seek medical attention and support, regardless of when the incident occurred, in order to be:

  • treated for any injuries
  • given prophylactic antibiotics
  • offered emergency contraception

Physical evidence of a criminal sexual assault must be collected within 120 hours of the assault. It is important that you do not wash yourself or your clothing before an examination (try to remember to bring a change of clothes with you). You are strongly encouraged to bring an advocate with you. Student Health Services (during business hours), the director of sexual violence prevention and advocacy or the administrator on-call (after hours) can provide you with support and arrange for transportation to L&M Hospital in New London.

Please note: You DO NOT have to press criminal charges to have a sexual assault examination completed. The state will hold the evidence for up to 60 days while you decide if you would like to make a formal report to the police department.

For more information, please visit: www.jud.ct.gov/Publications/vs030.pdf

**Sexual Assault Examinations are paid for by the State of Connecticut. Any additional medical needs, can be submitted to the Office of Victim Services (OVS). For more information, call OVS at 1-800-822-8428.

Alcohol and other drugs

An individual does not avoid or mitigate responsibility because they were under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. If someone is incapacitated they can NOT legally give consent. If you are underage, you will not get in trouble if you report a sexual assault that happened while you were drinking.

The Clery Act

The Clery Act is a federal law that requires colleges and universities to disclose certain timely and annual information about campus crime and security policies. When an individual comes to one of the campus support system people, that person must inform the Senior Investigator and Complicance Officer that an incident was reported, per the Clery Act. However, privacy may be maintained — the victim's name and specific details do not need to be reported. Counselors and the College Chaplains may keep reports confidential and are not mandated to report any information.

Title IX

For the purposes of Title IX, sexual assault is considered a form of sexual harassment where the Office of Civil Rights guidelines require that, once an institution has received notice of the possible sexual harassment of a student, it should take immediate and appropriate steps to investigate what occurred, and if such is found to be the case, and take prompt and effective action to end the harassment and take steps to remedy the effects and prevent its reoccurrence. This course of action is the institution’s responsibility whether or not the student who was harassed makes a formal complaint or otherwise asks the school to take action. For more information, please see the Student Handbook.

Important phone numbers

Confidential/private on-campus resources

24/7 SVPA Advocate Line

Director of Sexual Violence Prevention and Advocacy

Student Counseling Services 

Student Health Services 

Dean of Religious and Spiritual Programs

Other On-Campus Resources

Title IX Coordinator860-439-2035

Campus Safety
Emergencies x111
Non-Emergencies 860-439-2222
Campus Safety personnel are here to help; the officers can make contact with the Coordinator of Sexual Violence Prevention & Advocacy, Administrator On-Call, the New London Police, or medical personnel.

Dean of Students 

Residential Education And Living

House Fellows/ Floor Governors

"Helping a Friend" guide

Off-Campus resources

Sexual Assault Crisis Center of Eastern CT 
24 Hour Hotline: 1-888-999-5545

Safe Futures
24 Hour Hotline: 1-860-701-6000

Lawrence and Memorial Hospital 
(860) 442-0711 (ask for the Emergency Room)

Online Hotline: https://hotline.rainn.org/online

National Domestic Violence Hotline 
Online Hotline: https://www.thehotline.org/what-is-live-chat/

CT Coalition Against Sexual Assault 

CT Coalition Against Domestic Violence 

New London Police Department
Emergencies 911
Non-emergencies 860-447-5269

Waterford Police Department
Emergencies 911
Non-emergencies 860-442-9451