"Connecticut College is committed to the goal of achieving equal opportunity for all and, accordingly, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, expression and characteristics, age, religion, national or ethnic origin, visible or invisible disability, or status as a disabled veteran of the Vietnam era. The College complies with federal and state legislation and regulations regarding nondiscrimination. This policy applies to faculty and staff, applicants for faculty and staff positions, students and applicants for educational programs and activities. Inquiries concerning this policy should be addressed to the Affirmative Action Officer, Fanning Hall, Connecticut College, 270 Mohegan Avenue, New London, Connecticut, 06320-4196. "

Faculty, Staff and Student Policies

Each of the three constituencies at Connecticut College — faculty, staff and students — has its own handbook containing policies governing the work and behavior of that group. The following are links to policies relating to affirmative action, discrimination, and harassment as they appear in the online versions of the handbooks on the College Intranet, CamelWeb. (Login required.) 

Faculty Policies

All are found in Policies and Procedures: Information for Faculty, Administrators and Trustees (IFF). (You must be able to log in to CamelWeb in order to read the policies found in the Faculty handbook.)

Questions about this handbook may be directed to: the Chair of the Faculty Steering and Conference Committee through the senior assistant to the Dean of the Faculty, or to the Dean of the Faculty.

  • Notice of Non-Discrimination, Section 9.1, p. 100
  • Consensual Sexual Relations Policy, Section 1.8, p. 24
  • Policies and Procedures Pertinent to Sexual Harassment, Section 9.2, p. 100
  • Harassment Policy, Section 9.3, p. 128

Staff Policies

  • Harassment Policy 
  • Sexual Harassment Policy

Questions about the Employee Handbook for staff may be directed to the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources and Professional Development, Cheryl Miller, or Liz Sainz.

Student Policies

All found in the Student Handbook, Section II. The Student Code of Conduct: Student Rights and Responsibilities. (Available on CamelWeb under "Students/Forms and Documents/Student Life"; login required.)

  • The Right on Non-discrimination, Student Bill of Rights, 6. See also Non-Discrimination, in 2. Civil Conduct, B.
  • Harassment, in 2. Civil Conduct, C.
  • Racial Harassment, in 2. Civil Conduct, D.
  • Sexual Harassment, in 2. Civil Conduct, E.
  • Sexual Misconduct, in 2. Civil Conduct, F.
  • Connecticut’s Sexual Assault Law, in 2. G. Civility
  • Supports Available to Victims of Bias-Related Incidents, in SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS IN CAMPUS INCIDENTS, II.
  • Procedures and Supports for Student Complaints of Racial/Sexual Harassment or Discrimination, in SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS IN CAMPUS INCIDENTS, III.
  • The Dean's Grievance Committee (for formally adjudicating complaints of racial and sexual harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct, and bias incidents), in ADJUDICATION PROCEDURES, E.

Questions about the Student Handbook should be addressed to the Dean of Students, Victor Arcelus, or Sarah Cardwell, Associate Dean of Student Life.