Floralia attendees are encouraged to:

  • Wear shoes to protect against cuts, abrasions, or other injuries.
  • Apply sunscreen periodically throughout the day (even if is a cloudy or overcast day). An additional supply of sunscreen will be available at hospitality stations sponsored by SAC and Student Engagement.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day. There will be a water station at the back of the grounds to fill up any personal water bottles.
  • Take advantage of the free food available in the 1962 Room, the Food Trucks, and at the hospitality stations sponsored by SAC and Student Engagement. 
  • Lock your room door and car to reduce the possibility of theft and vandalism.
  • Refrain from bringing personal items of value to the event.  This will reduce the risk of damage, loss, or theft.
  • Use the port-a-potties on Cro Green and public restrooms in the College Center.
  • Keep an eye on your friends and those around you and seek assistance if you notice anyone in need of help. Student Engagement and Campus Safety staff members will be on site to assist as needed. Campus Safety will be stationed in Warnshuis Health Center throughout the event to provide first aid assistance.
  • Use the trash and recycling containers provided throughout Library Green, Cro Green, and inside the College Center. This will help reduce the possibility of injuries to yourself and others and is a great sustainable practice.

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