Records Retention Schedules serve as the primary guidelines for the retention of records created or received by Connecticut College and its community of staff, faculty, and students. These schedules are guidelines; they articulate minimum retention requirements. If an office actually uses particular records beyond their minimum retention requirements, its retention schedule can be adjusted as necessary.

There are two types of retention schedules. You must be logged into your CamelWeb account in order to access the documents.

General Records Retention Schedule: provides information on the creation, ownership, retention, and disposition of records common to most departments and offices at Connecticut College. It identifies:

  • who creates or holds the records
  • how long those records should be kept
  • what should ultimately be done with those records

Department Retention Schedules: supplement the general schedule and provide guidance on retention and disposition of department- and office-specific records.

All record types kept by all offices may not be listed in these schedules. If there is a question concerning legal retention periods for an unlisted record type, please contact the College Archivist for guidance. Offices may be referred to the College attorney as necessary.