The Customer Service Center

The Customer Service Center, located in the Service Building on south campus, receives all requests for maintenance and repair of College facilities.

Submitting a request for service (non-emergencies)

  • Members of the College community should submit a request for non-emergency services through the online Service Request form.
  • Other individuals: call (860) 439-2253. The phone is monitored continuously during normal working hours. After hours send an email to

Emergency after hours, weekends and holidays:

  • Call Campus Safety at ext. 2222. If the situation warrants, Campus Safety will recall a mechanic for emergency repair service.

When submitting a request you will need to include the following:

  • Name (will be supplied automatically if using the on-line Service Request)
  • Address (building or dorm) where service is requested
  • Room number or area of building (if applicable)
  • Your phone number
  • Exact location of problem
  • Exact nature of problem
  • Permission to enter (automatic when leaving request)
  • Pets on or in premises

What we can't help you with:

  • Vending Machines: Report problems to Dining Services, Ext. 2750
  • Phones: Report problems to Ext. 3663 or HELP (Ext. 4357)
  • Cable TV and/or Computers: Call HELP (Ext. 4357)
  • Dorm/Residence Hall/Housefellow Supplies: Vacuum cleaners are available from each residence hall Housefellow, as are toilet paper, bug spray, extra light bulbs and window screens.
  • Support for special events: All requests for event support are coordinated through the Office of Events and Catering (ext. 2837)