Located in New London, Connecticut, Connecticut College is a private, liberal arts college committed to educating students to put the liberal arts into action as citizens in a global society.

Suppliers interested in working with the College are strongly encouraged to send company literature to the Director of Purchasing. All sales calls must be by appointment only. Unscheduled sales calls cannot be accommodated and soliciting is not permitted.

Office hours during the academic year are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Monday through Friday). Summer office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Monday through Thursday).

Purchasing Transactions

There are two preferred methods of doing business with Connecticut College. Suppliers can enter into a formal contractual relationship with the College or receive a Purchase Order, if needed for invoicing. Verbal orders do not constitute a binding obligation.

Please be advised: Suppliers who accept verbal orders do so at their own risk. The Terms & Conditions contained within the Connecticut College Purchase Order will govern all transactions. When a formal contract exists, it will take precedence over the Purchase Order. Suppliers are advised to become familiar with the standard terms and conditions of Connecticut College before entering into any business transactions.

Sustainable Procurement

Suppliers offering environmentally benign and socially responsible goods and services so as long as they meet or exceed acceptable use and performance needs are encouraged to identify these in discussion with the College.  The product selection criteria currently encouraged on-campus is so long as products are available at a reasonable and affordable cost within an acceptable period of time buyers are encouraged to identify and order, if appropriate.

Bid Award Criteria

Please be advised that Connecticut College awards contracts based upon a combination of the "total cost to the college" and the "total value received."  Connecticut College does not simply request proposals and make awards to the lowest bidder. There are a number of factors considered in the decision making process including:

  • Quality of Product or Service
  • Product / Service Pricing
  • Sustainability focus including supplier initiatives
  • Ability of the Bidder to Meet Deadlines
  • Reliability of the Bidder
  • Product Warranties / Service Guarantees
  • Bidder's Expertise and Product Knowledge
  • Financial Status of the Bidder

Standard Payment and Delivery Terms

Payment terms for all suppliers are Net 30 Days and any exceptions must be approved in advance by the Controller. Connecticut College is a tax exempt institution and a Connecticut Sales Tax exemption certificate is available only upon written request.

Any Supplier interested in offering their eProcurement Punchout Catalog are strongly encouraged to contact Procurement Services.  The primary payment method for all suppliers in the CTW OneSource eProcurement platform is virtual card through the US Bank Payment Plus program.

The College encourages all other suppliers to accept payment via Purchasing Card whenever possible.

Delivery and shipping costs are to be pre-paid and shall be included in any written quotes whenever possible. The delivery and shipping standard is FOB Connecticut College (Destination).