Q: What is CTW OneSource?

CTW OneSource is the Connecticut College eProcurement platform hosted by Unimarket.  It is a collaboration between Connecticut College, Trinity College and Wesleyan University with the strategic goal of reducing acquisition costs for goods and services.

Q: Is CTW One Source available to students?

No, not at this time or for the foreseeable future.

Q: How do I access the Procurement Services portlet in CamelWeb?

Faculty and staff have a central, one-stop location in CamelWeb where they may find policies and forms and make purchases through College-approved vendors.

The Procurement Services portlet is not just for those who may have a purchasing role at the College (such as PCard holders, etc.) but for anyone who needs to get a rental car, purchase office supplies or furniture, and more. There are direct links to the PCard Bank Portal, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, W.B. Mason Company and Airgas, as well as to policies and forms.

The Procurement Services portlet in CamelWeb is located under the “HR/Finance” page. Please note: Be sure you are viewing the default page rather than a customized page by looking at the top of the screen. There is a gray bar at the top that will say either “Customized Page” or “Default Page” and toggle between the two.

If there are questions, please contact Procurement Services at purchasing@conncoll.edu or at 860-439-5328.

Q: Why should I utilize the suggestions of Procurement Services; after all, who knows better than I do what goods or services I need?
Procurement Services is not here to dictate your needs, but to offer suggestions for obtaining the best value Procurement Services will have knowledge of trends in the marketplace, how to leverage the overall spend of the college departments and ideas for obtaining the best value.

Q: Why do we bid pricing on products and services?
The purpose for bidding is to guarantee that Connecticut College always receives the best prices for quality goods and/or services. Allowing vendors to compete in an unbiased and open setting assures that we receive the best possible value.

Q. How and where can I get a Purchase Order form? 
Purchase Orders are provided by Procurement Services at purchasing@conncoll.edu. You need to make sure the selected vendor is in the Banner vendor database. If they are not, you need to obtain a signed W-9 form from them. You also need to provide a vendor quote and FOAPAL information for where the item/service will be charged. The departmental budget administrator or someone given authorization by the Budget Administrator must approve the FOAPAL usage.

Q. How long does it take to get a PO after submitting vendors quote and budget approval? 
Purchase Orders will be processed within 48 hours unless more information is needed to complete the PO. In cases where more information is needed, the process is dependent upon the time needed to obtain the necessary information. In emergencies, a PO number will be provided as quickly as possible, usually the same day.

Q. What are the Terms and Conditions on a Purchase Order? 
Purchase Orders issued to a supplier contain the Standard Terms and Conditions of Connecticut College. The Terms and Conditions do not reflect the mandatory contractual clauses required by the College but rather specific purchasing and shippings terms related to the purchase of goods and services.

Q. What do I need in order to have a check sent with the PO?
You need to provide an original invoice, original receipt, or an order form from the vendor with the Purchase Order. Faxes are not acceptable.

Q. Where can I get Tax Exempt Certificates? 
Connecticut College Tax Exempt Certificates are available by emailing accountspayable@conncoll.edu

Q. When is a Request for a Proposal (RFP) required?
Connecticut College requires the issue of an RFP when the cost of a purhase exceeds $100,000.  The RFP process is managed by Procurement Services with each department being responsible for providing the specifications and any particular or special requirements before going out to bid.  Departments are also responsible for conducting the RFP evaluations and notifying Procurement Services when a decision has been made to make an award.

Q. Who do I contact when I have a question regarding purchasing an item?
Call Procurement Services at 860-439-5328 or send an email to purchasing@conncoll.edu.

Q. What are Connecticut College's purchasing terms?
Connecticut College has a 30 day billing cycle (Net 30 Days) or with a standard discount (2% Net 10). Other terms must be approved by the Controller.

Q. Can I purchase office supplies online?
Yes, once you have been authorized and a password has been set up for you. The password will be given to you when the system is explained. W.B. Mason Company is under contract as the approved online supplier. Contact Procurement Services at purchasing@conncoll.edu for more information.