Senior Week

Senior Week is a final opportunity for members of the graduating class to spend time together socializing, recalling memories of their experience at the College, celebrating their individual and collective achievements and looking forward to the challenges that await them after Commencement.


As a general rule, any student designated as a member of the Senior Class is eligible to participate in Senior Week. Seniors who anticipate completing all requirements for graduation in the spring, summer or fall semester may choose to participate in Senior Week pending confirmation from the registrar’s office. A student is eligible to participate in only one Senior Week as a senior. Any underclassman found in attendance at any of the senior week events will be removed from the event, removed from campus, may be subject to judicial actions and will forfeit their own Senior Week experience. Frequently asked questions can be answered by logging on to the Senior Week web page.

Save the Dates!

Senior Week 2024 will take place from May 13th through May 18th.