Resources for those lodging a complaint and for those accused

(Please also see the section, What Should I Do Right Away if I’ve Been Sexually Assaulted?)

Note: Incidents of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment policy violations are adjudicated using the policies and procedures pertaining to the constituency of the person who is accused. Therefore, if someone accuses a student of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment, the Division of Institutional Equity and Inclusion's Title IX Office would investigate and adjudicate in accordance with student policies and procedures; if the accused is a staff member, the Office of Human Resources would investigate and determine outcomes in accordance with staff policies and procedures; and if a faculty member is accused, the Office of the Dean of the Faculty and the Title IX Coordinator would investigate and determine outcomes in accordance with faculty policies and procedures. Policies and procedures are to be found in the handbooks for the three constituencies on CamelWeb: The Student Handbook, The Employee Handbook, and Policies and Procedures: Information for Faculty, Administrators and Trustees.

This page outlines resources for both complainants and individuals who are accused. 

Resources for complainants

For student complainants

Offices and individuals that can serve as resources for students lodging a complaint of sexual misconduct or harassment are listed below. They can offer support, information about the various options and procedures, and help students overcome the effects of such incidents.

  • SVPA Confidential Advocates
  • Student Health Services, for medical attention (x2275)
  • Student Counseling Services, to help work through trauma (x4587)
  • College Chaplains, for confidential support and spiritiual or religious care (x2450)

In addition, trusted faculty and staff members will guide a complainant to the most appropriate offices or individuals for immediate assistance, but please note that all faculty and supervisory staff members are required by law to report all known details of incidents of potential sexual misconduct and sexual harassment.

For faculty and staff complainants

For immediate medical attention, faculty and staff should contact the Emergency Room at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital (L&M), 860-442-0711, or a nearby outpatient clinic.

Resources for faculty members lodging a complaint of sexual misconduct or harassment who are seeking information about policies and procedures may contact the following individuals:

To report an incident, students, faculty and staff should refer to the section, Who can report incidents and to whom? on this site. 

Resources for accused individuals

For student respondents

Students who have been accused of sexual assault or sexual harassment (respondents) should contact Megan Monahan, Title IX Coordinator (x2624,  They can provide a list of staff members who are trained to support respondents through the investigation and adjudication process. Please note respondents may be accompanied by a support person of their choice throughout the investigation process.

For accused faculty or staff members

Faculty members can seek support from the following individuals, who can help them understand the ramifications of the accusation and the procedures that will be followed to investigate the complaint and come to findings and decisions.