Who can report incidents and to whom?

If any member of the Connecticut College community experiences stalking, dating violence, domestic violence, or sexual harassment (including sexual assault and/or misconduct) or knows that someone else had any of these experiences, that person is encouraged to file a report. Reports can be made by contacting one of the Title IX Coordinators listed below, or on CamelWeb, where there are two optional forms:

  • The sexual misconduct anonymous reporting form provides an opportunity for students to anonymously report a violation of sexual misconduct.
    • The information provided on the sexual misconduct anonymous reporting form is used for the College's Annual Security report and to inform our understanding of the prevalence of such incidents on campus. When providing information, no information provided on this form should personally identify anyone involved. Due to the nature of these reports, these incidents may not be investigated.
  • The incident reporting form is to be used by individuals who wish to file a complaint that will be investigated and by faculty and staff members who are reporting alleged violations of College policies.

If a complaint is filed with one of the Title IX Coordinators, the complaint may be investigated, and when appropriate, followed by suitable disciplinary action.