Above: "Universe of Water Particles on a Rock where People Gather", teamLab, 2018, Interactive Digital Installation, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

"teamLab's universal concept"

Daisuke Sakai, co-founder of teamLab
Thursday, November 8, 2018

4:30 pm presentation in Oliva Hall
class and student meetings throughout the day

Daisuke Sakai, co-founder of teamLab

Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan in 1978. Graduated from Department of Mechanical and Information Engineering, University of Tokyo, Graduate school of interdisciplinary information, University of Tokyo. Studied wearable remote control system of humanoid robot at university. Sakai will speak about the theme of 'Relationships Among People', one of teamLab’s concepts which aims to explore a new relationship among people, and to make the presence of others a positive experience through digital art. Sakai will introduce this concept along with teamLab’s current interactive works.

teamLab (f. 2001, based in Tokyo, Japan) is an art collective, interdisciplinary group of ultratechnologists whose collaborative practice seeks to navigate the confluence of art, science, technology, design and the natural world. Various specialists such as artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians and architects form teamLab.

teamLab aims to explore a new relationship between humans and nature, and between oneself and the world through art. Digital technology has allowed art to liberate itself from the physical and transcend boundaries. teamLab sees no boundary between humans and nature, and between oneself and the world; one is in the other and the other in one. Everything exists in a long, fragile yet miraculous, borderless continuity of life.


This event is co-sponsored with East Asian Languages and Cultures department, the Walter Commons International Curriculum Development Fund, and the Computer Science, Art and Botany departments.