Established in 2008, the International Curriculum Development Fund encourages innovation and faculty development relating to international/global education and initiatives.

Conn students Georgie Walsh and Cheyanne Asplundh number fragments of limestone statues found during an Archaeological Conservation Internship Program in Sardinia, funded by the International Curriculum Development Fund


Faculty may apply for support for major interdisciplinary initiatives, course re-development, short-term visiting scholars in residence, or start-up funds for new projects. Preference is given to projects that seek to involve, build upon, or complement the College's current international and/or global programs and institutional priorities. The International Curriculum Development Fund is administered through the Office of Global Initiatives, which works with an appointed faculty committee to establish priorities and review proposals.

Example of past projects:

German jazz musician Fiete Felsch

Hosted by the Music Department, Felsch visited campus for a week in spring 2017 and performed two Jazz concerts, gave a talk, and attended several music department classes. The Music Department collaborated with other departments in the Arts Division to organize a study away event for students, in which Felsch spoke to students about the importance of international experiences for artists.

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The Refugee Crisis in Europe Course

Professor Karolin Machtans (German Studies) to expand and update curricular content of her course GER/GIS/GWS 262: The Refugee Crisis in Europe Course. Machtans travelled to Germany in summer 2017 to identify new contacts with a range of individuals and institutions involved with the refugee population in Germany.

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Archaeological Conservation Internship Program

Professor Joe Alchermes (Art History) and Denise Pelletier (Studio Art) accompanied students on the 2016 and 2017 archaeological conservation program organized by the Centro di Conservazione Archeologica, and which art and art history majors are now able to participate through the College's funded summer internship program.

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