Students in the Certificate Program complete a paid summer internship in areas such as social media, 3D animation, virtual reality, motion capture, web design, music production, game development, research and programming.

The Center partners with the College's Hale Center for Career Development to award students up to $3,000 in funding for summer internships.

Year    Internships

Campbell Coughlin - Japan Society New York, NY
Ellie Ebby
- InLiquid, Philadelphia, PA
Bri Goolsby
- Cultured AF, New London, CT
Alcy Hart
- CC - Theater Research
Adam Khan - State of CT, Insurance Dept.
Jake Leone  - Highgloss, NYC, NY
Althusa Lin
- Moonshot Academy, Beijing, China
Alexis Lynch
- Beacon College, Leesburg, FL
Jack Roser - LightDeck Diagnostics, Boulder, CO
Hatim Siddique
- Frag Games, Lahore, Pakistan
Emma-Sofia Wipper
- Nohrlund, Copenhagen, Denmark


Cameron Aaron - GitHub, CA
Megan Aldrich
- Electric Boat, CT
Anna Baronsky
- Green River Stone Company, UT
Madison Ford
- Beamable, MA
Emma Furgueson -
Aladdin Appraisal, Boston, MA
Alexis Lynch
- Maya Erdeli, Boston, MA
Ezra Norris
- CC - Platform Research
Kevin Odwesso
- CC - Architecture Research
Julia Rossiter
- CC - Art Funding Research
Carla Torres
- CC - AR Research
Tatiana Wiener
- Publicis Sapient, Boston, MA


Bempa Ashia - iD Tech, New York
Anna Chin - Yale ITS 
Sarah Hession-Kunz - McLean Hospital, Massachusetts 
Luke Karis - CC - Gaming Research  
Emily Klingebiel - iD Tech, Connecticut
Scott Leff - The Shed, New York 
Natasha Strugatz - Voices of Contemporary Art, New York
Page Waldo - Collins Aerospace, Vermont
Dexter Willett - Tapeworks, Connecticut
Hayley Zukerberg - Narciso Rodriguez, New York


Shira Boyar - Women of the Wall, Israel (Marketing and Communications Intern)
Annie Breakstone – Tapestry Inc/Coach, Inc., New York (Color and Concept Intern)
Saadya Chevan - Paladino Media, Vienna (Editorial Intern) and University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna (Research Intern)
Chris Considine - Flavor Lab, New York (Audio and video post-production) and David Dorfman Dance, New York (Technical Assistant)
Isabelle Cookson – MullenLowe Advertising Group, Boston, Massachusetts (Design Studio Intern)
Julia Dearden – Cengage, Boston, Massachusetts (Project Management Intern) 
Sachi Fukaya – Digital Garage, Tokyo, Japan (Marketing Intern) and CC Research (3D Modeling Research with Professor Hove, Dance Dept.)
Roxanne Low - Nollyz Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Malaysia (Graphic Design/Programmer)
Liza Miller – Laughing Buddha Comedy, New York (Communications/Media Intern) and Roy Productions, New York (Communications/Media Intern)
Khahn Nghiem – Connecticut College, CC Research (Programming Research with Prof Chung, Computer Science)
Shay Quinn – My Social Canvas, New York (Fashion/Entrepreneur Intern)


Jack Beal - Grand Performances, CA, concert audio and technical intern
Rebecca Brill Weitz - O’Neill Theater Center, CT, theater lighting engineer
Emily Green - Stanford iD Tech Academy, CA, health and safety coordinator and programming instructor
Lauren Linehan - ABXY Art Gallery, NY, art advisory intern
Rishma Mendhekar - The Bloc Design studio, NY, digital design intern
Lee Messier - The Aurora Project, WV, resident artist and media strategist
Greg Montenegro - Ocean Conservancy, MD, design and social media intern
Isaih Porter - American Museum of Ceramic Art, CA, studio assistant and resident artist
Alana Wimer - Lion Project, CO, graphic design intern
Yi Xie - The Documentary Group,NY, documentary film intern


Virginia Gresham - Yale University, CT
Noah Landy - Drinkmore Records, NY
Bianca Scofield - tsu media, NY
Elissa Webb - Portola Theater, CA

2015  Drew Andre - O’Neill Theater Center, Waterford, CT
Teagan Atwater - Moove-it, Uruguay
Alem Bukvich - Interior Remodeling and Design, at Exploration Program at Wellesley College, MA
Ray Coti - CC Research, Gender and Women's Studies, New London, CT
Juan Flores - Artist, Daniel Canogar, Madrid, Spain
Grace Juster - MakerBot, Brooklyn, NY
Alyssa Klein - Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA
Marialyse Martiney - Disney, CA
Joey Mercado - Safe Futures, New London, CT
Hope Palattella - Thirst Juice Co. and Ideometry Co., Boston, MA
Chelsea Preston - Invisible North, New York, NY
Julia Proft - Computing for Disasters REU – Texas A&M, College Station, TX
Marley Slade - Peabody Museum, New Haven, CT
Ben Webber-WEX Inc., Portland, ME
2014 Colin Forsyth - New Frontiers in Learning, NY 
Annie Rusk - CC - ConnsSharp Research 
Ben Weinstein - Mashwork, NY
2013 Nicky Haik - 440 Sound Studios, NJ 
Jake Junda - Real Art Ways, CT 
Tony Knapp - Endstation Theater, VA 
Georgia Naumann - CC - ConnsSharp Research 
Sara Rubino - Turkois Design, NY 
Andy Stein-Zeller - Music @ Menlo, CA 
Dan White - eCast Productions, MA
2012 Hannah Plishtin - Donna Karan Design, NY 
Gyenendra Sharma - IDC CEMA, Prague 
Max Novak - Sonalysts, CT 
Eric Stern - Smash Music Studios, NY
Andrew Nathanson - Perkins Eastman Architects, NY 
2011 Ajjen Joshi - Motion Capture/Brown University, RI 
Jon Markson - Gallery Recording Studios, NY 
Amy Barrett - CC - Keck Research 
John Borbone - Undertone Inc, NY 
Matthew Gentile - Scott Rudin Productions, NY 
Patrick McGrath - Sonalysts, CT 
Eli Pack - CC - Keck Research 
Alex Zarecki - CC - Keck Research
2010 Ajjen Joshi - Motion Capture Research, CC 
James Jackson - Sonalysts, Programming 
Owen Stowe - Sonalysts, Animation and Design
2009 Phoebe Bakanas - Virginia Tech Univ., VA, Human Computer Interactions REU Project 
Colin Hanson - Sonalysts, Games Design 
Catherine Johnson - Audio Engine, NY, Audio Production 
Jesse Lerch - New London Main Street, CT, Architectural Design
2008 Erin Okabe-Jawdat - Sonalysts, CT; animation dept 
Edgar Monteon - New London Board of Education, Multi-Media Specialist 
Oscar Monteon - Xvivo, CT, Scientific Animation 
William Barkus - Lucas Film, CA, Production Intern 
Laura Schuman - 13th Street Theater, NYC, Production Intern 
Andrew Palladino - Interlock Media, Boston, Production Assistant 
Sara Lesko - Wine & Spirits Magazine, NY, design intern, and post-production house
2007 Jessica Ebert - Univ. of Utah, Image Recognition Research 
Basar Gulcu - CC, research on dance/robotics 
Sarah Lesko - Sonalysts, animation 
Andrea Mendoza - Landlocked Film, Colorado 
AJ Zane - Sonalysts, animation
2006 Drew Beebe - Plum TV, Colorado; production assistant 
Andrew Glenn - Sparhawk School, MA; designer 
Ian Leue - Q Division, MA; production assistant 
Adrienne Mennitt - Sonalysts, CT; animation dept 
Aubrey Millen - Sonalysts, CT; animation dept 
Lesley Siegel - Arthur Lubetz Architects, PA; Architecture 
Nick Socha - Sound Spectrum, NYC; software designer
2005 Brian Cusano - CC, research on voice recognition 
Tim DeMaso - School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, alumni art auction-data base development 
Brendan Duffey - Sonalysts, animation 
Hale Ekinci - Ogilvy & Mather (Turkey), art design 
Brad Heacock - Mexico, virtual reality and archeology 
Nguyet Mai - Vietnam, self-designed video and photography project 
Eric Stepick Ayers - Lyman Davidson Dooley Architects, Atlanta, architecture 
Amanda Wallas - Sonalysts, CT, animation. Assisted on "The Fossibles"
2004 William Cook - Sonalysts, animation 
Jason Feldman - Large Animal Games, programming 
Anna Magliaro - CC art and computer science depts, digital design projects 
Jeremy Palumbo - Vassar College Summer Media Studies Institute 
Rory Panagotopulos - Sonalysts, animation 
Eve Southworth - Walsh Family Media, animation; Middlebury College Digital Media Studies Program
2003 Kofi Ampaw - ePath Learning, programming 
Jennifer Faries - Bermuda advertising firms, design 
Rachel Grossinger - Ingeeni Studies, animation 
Nikki Gulla - Northeastern Univ. Multi-Media Dept., animation and design 
Ben Insler - Sonalysts, animation 
Jordan Klopf - CC College Relations, web design 
Abby L'Heureux - Bowdoin College Biology Dept., virtual reality
Dan McKay - CC Music Dept., programming 
Amelia Sholik - Los Angeles recording studio, assistant 
David Strick - Sonalysts, animation
2002 Jeanne Stern - Sonalysts, animation; MIT Media Lab, eye-tracking 
Francis Stansky - Ohio State., motion capture 
Jordan Klopf - Sonalysts Inc., animation 
David Clayman - ePath Learning, web design 
Dessi Peeva - Center, haptics 
Kofi Ampaw - Center, audio processing 
Yubo Bao - Center, graphics/audio interface
2001 Robbie Guertin - Sonalysts, animation 
Eric Mattes - "Center for Educational Technology", Columbia Univ, web & database design and prog 
Milan Pradhan - ePath Learning, web design and prog 
Alok Shrestha - CC Information Services projects 
Deven Sisler - Sonalysts Inc., animation 
Maikang Wu - Center programming project
2000 Evan Allen - New Yorker Magazine (NY), design 
Chris Eramo - InterPro Technologies (CT), 3D modeling 
Matt Latowsky - Sonalysts, animation 
Tope Adekanbi - Sonalysts, games design 
Omer Salam - MACO Internet Services (NY), programming 
Milan Pradham - Center-NSF project, programming 
Robbie Guertin - Sonalysts, animation
1999 Nate Wilson - Sonalysts, games design 
Teresa Bonillo - Sonalysts, animation 
Matt Maher - Sonalysts, animation 
Jared Castiglione -Center, digital sound processing 
Karen Mitchill - New Yorker Magazine, design 
Molly Seamans - Center, video 
Chris Eramo - Center, video 
Ben Robinson - Jeffrey Yardis, digital photography 
Beth Kaechele - Center, design for NSF project 
Alok Shrestha - Center, programming for NSF project 
Milan Pradham - Center, programming for NSF project
1998 Matt Latowsky - Sonalysts
Nate Wilson - Sonalysts 
Eric Gaskell - Sonalysts 
Chris Grinda - Sonalysts 
Janet Esquirol - Center - NSF 
Ioulia Popenko - Center - NSF 
Brie St. Laurent - Analysis and Technology 
Paul Siegel - Analysis and Technology 
Christine Knorr - Mystic Seaport Museum 
Elena Bessarabova - Disney-on-Line 
Gillian DesJardins - Dakota Imaging 
Helen Tsahalis - Judson Rosebush 
Melissa Nelson - Landmark Theatre
1997 Gabe Nanda - Ocean Quest 
Paul Siegel - Ocean Quest 
Carolyn Holliday - Sonalysts 
Chris North - Sonalysts 
Garreth Bowler - Sonalysts 
Becky Lord - Lyman Allyn
1996 Mary Killingbeck - Ocean Quest
Chip Beauvais - Ocean Quest
Sue Malek - Ocean Quest
Rick Channing 
Jed Morfit - Analysis and Technology
Jamie Myer - Sonalysts
Ben Smith
Quinn Sullivan
Emily Luce - Aera
1995 Sue Malek
Emily Luce
Elissa Matthews - Ocean Quest
Erica McKay - Ocean Quest
Chase Eschauzier - Omni-Touch
Ben Cornish - Sonalysts
Quinn Sullivan - Sonalysts
Donna Klimkiewicz - Center-VR proj.
Rachelle DeCoste - Center-VR proj.
1994 Candace Held - Lexitech
Jason Bernstein - Lexitech
Jared Nathanson - Analysis and Technology
Deirdre Hennessey - Analysis and Technology
Joe Grassia - Analysis and Technology
1993 Joe Grassia - Analysis and Technology
Jonathan Bucci - Analysis and Technology
Bill Lamson - Analysis and Technology
Richard Stasio - Analysis and Technology
1992 Heather Daily - Analysis and Technology
Carolyn Ulander - Analysis and Technology
Katherine Hewitt - Analysis and Technology