Health record requests

Student Health Services maintains medical records on all students for up to seven years after graduation. If you would like a copy of your immunization records, pap smears, other labs, or complete medical record, you can go to the student health portal,, sign in, and see if you are able to access the information you need there. We advise all graduating seniors to obtain copies of their immunizations before leaving the College.

Additional forms for current/returning students


Counseling Services requests background information

After making an initial appointment with Student Counseling Services, we request that all students fill out the needed background information forms. To access these forms, please go to the following URL: Once the page opens, click on the tab for "Intake." Again we ask that you please complete these forms prior to your initial appointment.

Confidentiality release for third parties

Due to confidentiality laws and ethical practice standards, NO information is shared with anyone outside the SCS offices. If you require information to be shared with a third party, we will need you to complete the release of information form:
SCS Authorization to Disclose. If you have questions regarding confidentiality, please speak with your counselor at the time of your initial appointment or ask to speak with the director of student counseling services.

Consent form required for remote services while the College is using a Remote Teaching Model

SCS_SHS Informed Consent for Remote Services