This year our annual campaign will be exploring the many facets of the food system and how they intersect with sustainability. Through a series of lectures, events, and action on campus we hope to advance understanding of issues such as local and sustainable agriculture, food sovereignty, food security and access and land rights. 

Upcoming Events:

Nourishing Community Keynote Address

Naima Penniman, Soul Fire Farm

October 27 at 8apm

Soul Fire Farm is a BIPOC community farm committed to ending racism and injustice in our food system. Speaker Naima Penniman is the Program Director at Soul Fire Farm and also coordinates Afro-Indigenous farming immersions and workshops on how to reclaim leadership as farmers and food justice organizers in their communities.

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Root Life Organic

Dishaun Harris, Root Life Organic

October 28 at 8pm

Dishaun Harris, founder of New Haven based Root Life Organic, will guide this workshop and discussion on the importance of
developing more equitable and inclusive food systems. Join us to explore the intersections of food justice with physical and
spiritual health and to learn how we can prepare intentional meals that maximize benefits for both body and soul.

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