What are self-scheduled final exams?

At the end of each semester there is a designated exam period (check the College's academic calendar for particulars), and within that period are three-hour blocks of time each day. Under the Honor Code, students may decide for themselves when to take a particular final examination unless that exam requires special equipment (e.g., slides or video or audio tapes) or has an oral component, in which case the course instructor will schedule the exam. Before the exam period begins, you will receive information from the Office of the Registrar about the specific examination center for particular courses.

Do all classes have unscheduled final examinations?

No. Some classes require final papers and others have scheduled exams because of the nature of the exam.

Can I use my computer to take exams?

You may use special equipment (computers, calculators, etc.) only with the express and prior permission of the course instructor. Exams at which equipment is permitted are often given in special examination centers arranged ahead of time by the instructor and or the Office of Accessibility Services. Note that you may not use your cell phone or PDA while you are taking an exam.

What if I need extra time or other academic accommodations?

Academic accommodations must be arranged ahead of time with your instructor and the Office of Accessibility Services. If you have a visible or invisible disability that may require accommodations, be sure that you are registered with the Office of Accessibility Services.