The Spanish language placement exam is administered to determine the level at which students will begin the General Education and Connections language requirements or begin studies toward the majors and minors in Hispanic Studies and Latin American Studies and Latino Studies.

Hispanic Studies Department Placement Exam

Who is required to take the placement exam?

All incoming first-year students are required to take the online exam prior to orientation, even those who have successfully completed AP requirements. All other students who are interested in taking Spanish can take the exam at any time and receive immediate placement recommendations.

Online placement test overview

  • This is a web-based test.
  • The placement test can be taken anywhere, anytime where Internet facilities are available.
  • Plan for 30 minutes to complete in a quiet location.


If you scored 9 points or less, we recommend that you take SPA 101, the first course in the four-semester language sequence intended for those with no prior experience with Spanish. (Open only to students with less than two years of Spanish at entrance.)

If you scored between 10 and 18 points, we believe that you are suited for SPA 102, the second course in the four-semester language sequence and a continuation of introductory Spanish.

If you scored between 19 and 27 points, we recommend that you take SPA 206, the third course in the four-semester language sequence, or SPA 125, an interdisciplinary course that compares and contrasts Spain, Latin America and Latinos in the U.S. (for students with 2-4 years of High School Spanish in advanced or honors classes).

If you scored between 28 and 35 points, we recommend SPA 207, the fourth course in the four-course language sequence that prepares students for upper-level coursework in Hispanic Studies, or other 200-level courses.

If you scored higher than 35 points, you are prepared to take Spanish at the 300-level, but we recommend that you take some foundational classes such as SPA 202, SPA 208, SPA 250, SPA 251, SPA 252 or SPA 255 to prepare you for higher level courses.

*In general, if you have no experience with Spanish, you should take SPA 101. If you have some experience but have not taken Spanish for several years, you should start with SPA 206, otherwise SPA 125 or any of the 200-level classes will work for you. We recommend that you take SPA 207 or 209 (for bilingual speakers) before other courses on the 200-level. All courses at the 200-level and above (in addition to SPA 125) count towards the departmental majors and minors.

**If you answered "yes" to the question “Have you learned Spanish consistently in an environment other than a classroom, such as with family or caregivers?” or “Does anyone in your family speak to you in Spanish regularly (even if you respond in English or another language)?”, you may want to consider taking SPA 209, Advanced Grammar and Composition for Bilingual Speakers. Please get in touch with Professor Rudolph at for more information!

***Please do not hesitate to contact the Chair of the Department if you have any additional questions or concerns.