What type of courses does the history department offer you?

All junior and senior history majors take small seminars of 10-15 students in their area of specialization, engaging with fellow students and professors on important historical texts and vital historical issues.

Consult the online course catalog for course listings, course descriptions.

As an overview, here are some course examples:

  • The Colonial History Of North America
  • The American Revolutionary Era
  • The Civil War And Reconstruction
  • "Race" In Colonial Latin America
  • Reformation And Counter-Reformation
  • Early Islamic History
  • The History Of Hip-Hop Music And Culture In Post Industrial America 1973-Present
  • History Of The Soviet Union
  • Human Rights In China
  • Muslims in Europe
  • The History of Sexuality
  • Pan-Africanism
  • China's Confucian Legacy
  • The French Revolution
  • The Black Freedom Struggle 1946-1968
  • Environmental History of the American South
  • The Whaling City: Early America, The View from New London, Connecticut