The word mark is a text-based graphic representation of the words "Connecticut College" and is the foundation of both the logo and seal signatures. It may also be used by itself. The word mark is available in two configurations to accommodate a wide range of applications. Each link will download a ZIP archive containing three image formats (JPG, PNG and an EPS). File formats are explained here. Refer to the Visual Identity Manual for information about usage.

Two-Line Word Mark

The preferred format of the word mark (for banners, posters, etc).

[Color] 2-Line Word Mark

Pantone 295
[Pantone 295] 2-Line Word Mark

[Black] 2-Line Word Mark

Reverse (White)
[White] 2-Line Word Mark

Connecticut College one-line wordmark, color version

One-Line Word Mark

Appropriate when the one-line word mark does not fit well (narrow decals, signage, etc).

[Color] 1-Line Word Mark

Pantone 295
[Pantone 295] 1-Line Word Mark

[Black] 1-Line Word Mark

Reversed (White)
[White] 1-Line Word Mark

NOTE: All JPG and PNG files were exported at 300 dpi. Therefore, they may appear to be very large on your screen. These file formats were also saved in the RGB color mode and should be converted to CMYK for conventional printing.