Consistent use of the College's official typefaces or "fonts" will help the College maintain its visual identity across various publications. The use of typeface substitutes is acceptable only if the official typefaces are not installed on your computer. Official typefaces may be purchased through Linotype, Adobe or

Official Typefaces


The College's primary reading font for print publications. NOTE: Garamond and ITC Garamond, both of which are often pre-installed on computers, are NOT acceptable substitutes. These versions of Garamond display significantly differently from Adobe Garamond. Do not recreate the College's word mark using Garamond, Times New Roman or any similar font.


The College's secondary typeface, is a sans serif font, used primarily for captions, headlines, subheadings, and to break up large blocks of text. News Gothic should be used sparingly as a typeface for body copy.

Substitute Typefaces

When producing publications on computers that do not have Adobe Garamond and News Gothic installed, Times New Roman should be substituted for Adobe Garamond. Arial should be substituted for News Gothic.

Letters and Email Messages

Times New Roman and Arial should be used for written letters and email messages.