For outstanding service in a leadership role

The Helen Brooks Regan Faculty Leadership Award recognizes faculty members who exemplify the College's commitment to shared governance, democratic process and campus community development.

Helen Regan retired from Connecticut in 2006 and is a professor emeritus of education. During her 21-year career at Connecticut College, she served in many roles at the College beyond teaching generations of students. She chaired the education department, coordinated the secondary certification program, was dean of the faculty, interim president of the Lyman Allyn Art Museum, special assistant to the president and interim vice president for Advancement, associate provost/associate dean of the faculty, and special assistant to the provost.

After bestowing the inaugural award to Eugene Gallagher, Rosemary Park Professor of Religious Studies, in October, 2006, Frances Hoffmann, dean of the faculty, stated that the award "acknowledges the deep commitment we have to the development of a humane, respectful, participatory campus community dedicated to individual growth and to the collective good, and it acknowledges the critical role that faculty play in forging that nature of community."

Recipients of the Helen Brooks Regan Award:

2023: Sufia Uddin, anthropology

2022: Christopher Hammond, mathematics

2021: Afshan Jafar, sociology

2020: Margaret Thomasmusic

2019: Lisa Wilson, history

2018: Tristan Borer, government

2017: Marc Forster, history

2016: Jane Dawson, government and international relations

2015: Amy Dooling, East Asian languages and cultures, Chinese

2014: Andrea Lanoux, Slavic studies

2013: Lawrence Vogel, philosophy

2012: Ann S. Devlin, psychology 

2011: Candace Howes, economics

2010: Robert Askins, biology

2009: Joan Chrisler, psychology

2008: Bridget Baird, mathematics and computer science

2007: Dirk t. D. Held, classics

2006: Eugene Gallagher, religious studies