Final Assignments/Examinations

All courses require a final paper, final project, final exam, or other equivalent final piece of work. At least one portion of this assignment must be due during the examination period. It is preferred that papers or other take-home assignments are due at the end of the examination period.

The instructor is responsible for administering and/or collecting materials for take-home examinations, papers in lieu of examinations, or other equivalent work. Final exam equivalents should not be given during the last week of classes or on a review day.

In courses for which there is a pedagogical need for a single examination period, instructors may pre-schedule their examinations through the Registrar's Office. The instructor is responsible for proctoring the exam.

If a take home examination, an equivalent project/work, or a scheduled examination will not be offered, instructors must make arrangements for self-scheduled exams.  

Students should direct questions regarding final assignments or examinations to their class dean. 

Student Procedures for Exams

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Scheduled Exams

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