Science Leader Rakhshi Qureshi '18 High School: DeWitt Clinton High School, Bronx, New York

Connecticut College Majors: ACS Chemistry, Anthropology

Potential Minor: Mathematics

Research: In Summer 2015, I was part of Professor Bruce R. Branchini’s Bioluminescence Research Group. I used the understanding of the two-step chemical reaction that takes place within Photinus pyralis (Ppy) firefly to generate a light with high intensity in the near-infrared region. We used an analogue of luciferin, iLH2, to evaluate the luciferases generated in our lab.

Posters: “Evaluation of Luciferases for Infrared Imaging,” 2015 Connecticut College Summer Research Symposium

Activities, Accomplishments:

  • Representative of Anthropology Student Advisory Board
  • Representative of Chemistry Student Advisory Board
  • Representative of TEDx
  • Chemistry Tutor for Science Leader’s Program (Fall 2015-Present)
  • Treasurer of Muslim Student Association (Fall 2015-Present)
  • Unity House ALANA Big Sib