Members of the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment Class of 2003.

(Back row, l-r): Stephan Apse, Sarah Lathrop, Vetri Nathan, Lauren Hartzell, Scott Epstein, Kassie Rohrbach, John Traversi, Katie Jones, Daisy Small. (Front row, l-r): Jared Fertman, Molly Lippman, Lindsey Kravitz.

Read and download Senior Integrative Project (SIP) abstracts or Reflection Papers for the Class of 2003.

Stefan Apse
Majors: Philosophy, German Studies
Internship: Hofgut Brachenreute farm in Überlingen, Germany
Information Bureau of Bio-Dynamic Farming, Germany
Senior Integrative Project: The Equal Consideration of Animal Interests: A Study of the Works of Peter Singer and Temple Grandin

Scott Epstein
Major: Environmental Studies, Minor: Psychology
Internship: US EPA, New England Regional Laboratory in Chelmsford, MA
Senior Integrative Project: Equity: A Changing Norm or Simply a Buzzword? An Examination of Nuclear Fuel Waste Disposal Policies

Jared Fertman
Major: Environmental Studies
Internship:US EPA Region III Wetlands Enforcement Division, Philadelphia, PA
Senior Integrative Project: The Clean Water Act, Wetlands and the Courts: A Paper-Thin Protection for our Nation's Most Vital Aquatic Resource

Lauren Hartzell
Majors: Philosophy and Environmental Studies
Internship: Environment and Human Health, Inc. in North Haven, CT and the Connecticut College Philosophy Department.
Senior Integrative Project: An Ever-Changing Future: Obligations to Future Generations and the Future Environment

Katie Jones
Major: Environmental Studies
Internship: Appalachian Mountain Club in Boston, MA
Senior Integrative Project: Wilderness and the 'Leave No Trace' Ethic: An examination of the established wilderness ethic of "Leave No Trace" (LNT)

Lindsey Kravitz
Major: Environmental Studies, Minor: Art
Internship: Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT
Senior Integrative Project: Environmental Education: Cross-Cultural Modeling

Sarah Lathrop
Major: English, Minor: Religious Studies
Internship: Littlewood Organic Farm in Plainfield, VT - Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA).
Senior Integrative Project: Post-Modern American Poetry in the Eco-Critical Context

Molly Lippman
Major: Human Development
Internship: Roughing It Day Camp in Orinda, CA
Senior Integrative Project: Environmental Education in a Traditional Day Camp: A Case Study of the Effectiveness and Impact on Pre-Adolescent Children

Vetri Nathan
Major: Italian, Minor: Zoology
Internship: "Kids for Tigers" Program, Conservation Education Center (CEC) of the Bombay Natural History Society in Bombay, India
Senior Integrative Project: Ecological Post-Colonial Discourse in India: Where the Realms of Culture and Ecology Meet

Kassie Rohrbach
Major: Gender and Women's Studies
Internship: Center for Resource Solutions in San Francisco, CA
Senior Integrative Project: Gender and Sustainable Energy Development: An Examination of Three Case Studies from a Transnational Environmental Feminist Perspective

Daisy Small
Majors: Botany, Environmental Studies
Internship: Vegetation Surveys in Southeastern Connecticut Natural Areas at Connecticut College
Senior Integrative Project: Forest Community Changes Following Hemlock Wooly Adelgid Infestation in Southern New England

John Traversi
Major: Zoology
Internship: New England Aquarium in Boston, MA
Senior Integrative Project: Exploring Turtle Hearing Through Operant Conditioning